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Omni Users: The Rewards for Supporting the Most Capable Users

first_img“Omni Users.” It’s a term used by IDG as part of a campaign with CompuCom to describe today’s breed of powerusers. These are users who are most comfortable with the latest technology, whether they are on their job or off. Omni users know how to bend technology to make whatever they do efficient and they are demanding in the hardware and software which they use. Supporting omni users has become a daunting task for IT because it requires support for a wide variety of hardware, networks, platforms and applications. “Bring Your Own Device” policies are only one small piece of the challenge. The benefits of enabling technology for omni users is tangible. The IDG report that 61 percent of businesses with a friendly policy to provide even basic support for omni users resulted a 61 percent increase in productivity and 19 percent increase in employee collaboration, with better employee retention, and lower operating expenses and costs. The report suggests that going beyond and providing for a higher-level of support beyond basic support for omni users would unlock even greater benefits.center_img The CompuCom report concludes that “to fully support omni users, organizations must embrace a culture of innovation, increase automation and outsourcing of IT, and give employees more influence over corporate solutions. If they do, they stand to achieve gains in employee productivity and satisfaction, and to ultimately set new trends in their industries, rather than be the ones chasing them.”last_img

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