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"If the Democratic Party is to be successful in November, But there is a fear, chief of JeM,was reportedly in constant touch with the six terrorists who stormed an Indian Air Force base in Pathankot on1 January and killed seven Indian soldiers India and Pakistan have agreed to reschedule talks between their foreign secretaries the Indian foreign ministry said on Thursday while an investigation into the Pathankot Attack is carried out Pakistani media has reported that JeMchief Maulana Masood Azhar his brother and “several individuals” belonging to his dreaded outfit have been arrested in connection with the Pathankot terror attack Pakistan media said JeM offices weresealed after India demanded action on the group linking it to the fate of Foreign Secretary-level talks Some semblance of officialese on the arrest surfaced early onThursday with Lt Gen (retd) Abdul Qadir Baloch minister of frontier regions confirming the kingpin’s arrest "Azhar was taken in protective custody to probe the Pathankot attack" Geo TV quoted Baloch as saying but almost simultaneously other top officials in Pakistan’s foreign ministry continued to deny knowledge of any such arrest feeding into JeM’s online barbs Arrested or not Maulana Masood Azhar’s writings continue to flow even as Pak confirms arrest/ AFP “Disbelievers and hypocrites across the world are celebrating our arrest” a statement in Urdu said “but the arrest never happened” reports The Indian Express In its online rant JeM makes its displeasure of the Indo-Pak thaw very clear calling out Pakistan’s government for its "friendship" with Modi Advani and Vajpayee “Even if they happen what difference will it make No difference except one Allah willing there will be more enthusiasm and excitement among people of the faith and the work of jihad will gather more strength and energy” the statement posted Thursday on a Facebook page said The Indian Express reports that Jaish-e-Mohammed uses this online community to communicate with media and followers Azhar warns Pakistan govt Even as news of his "arrest" broke on local television channels Wednesday night JeM chief Azhar wrote a piece under his pen name Saadi warning the Pakistan government about the "dangerous road" it is taking "The road that the Pakistan government is taking in its crackdown against the JeMis very dangerous for this country and its steps against mosques madrasas and jihad are a danger to the unity and integrity of Pakistan" Azhar wrote in the Jaish mouthpiece Al Qalam Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif set up a committee of his top intelligence army and government officers to investigate India’s allegations after Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to him last week asking for prompt and decisive action on the basis of specific evidence "Based on the initial investigations in Pakistan and the information provided several individuals belonging to Jaish-e-Mohammed have been apprehended The offices of the organization are also being traced and sealed Further investigations are underway" a statement from Sharif’s office said India Pakistan reschedule talks no date yet India and Pakistan have agreed to reschedule talks between their foreign secretaries the Indian foreign ministry said on Thursday while an investigation into a deadly attack on a military base in Pathankot is carried out India has demanded action against the Pakistan-based JeMthat it suspects of carrying out the attack on the Pathankot air base Islamabad has held Azhar and other members sources say Indian foreign ministry spokesman Vikas Swarup said New Delhi welcomed the steps taken by Pakistan against the militant group which was also blamed for a 2001 parliament attack that nearly led to a war between the nuclear-armed rivals He said the foreign secretaries of the neighbours spoke on the telephone and decided to defer the talks that had been tentatively scheduled for Friday in Islamabad The two diplomats agreed to hold the talks aimed at achieving a thaw in ties in the very near future but no date was announced The Pakistani foreign office said a new date had not yet been decided "We welcome the statement issued by the government of Pakistan yesterday on the investigations into the Pathankot terrorist attack" Swarup told reporters "The statement conveys that considerable progress has been made in the investigations being carried out against terrorist elements linked to the Pathankot incident" Seven Indian military personnel were killed in the Jan 2 attack on the base in the northern state of Punjab which was followed by a raid on an Indian consulate in Afghanistan that has also been linked to Jaish-e-Mohammad or the Army of Mohammad Pakistan which India has long accused of backing Islamist militants promised to investigate who was behind the assault on the air base after India handed over evidence that it said implicated Jaish-e-Mohammad Who is Maulana Masood Azhar Maulana Masood Azhar was the general secretary of another terror group Harkat-ul-Ansar (HuA) in 1994 and was on a ‘mission’ in Jammu and Kashmir when he was arrested on 11 February the same year When he was released the HuA had been included in the US list of Foreign Terrorist Organisations which had compelled the outfit to rename itself as the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HuM) The Indian Express explains the re-emergence of JeM after years of staying low key However Masood Azhar decided to float the new outfit JeM rather than rejoin his old outfit He was also reported to have received assistance in setting up the JeM from Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) the then Taliban regime in Afghanistan Osama bin Laden and several Sunni sectarian outfits of Pakistan JeM like other terrorist outfits in J&K claims to using violence to force a withdrawal of Indian security forces from the state The outfit claims that each of its offices in Pakistan would serve as schools of jihad In its fight against India he boasted that the outfit would not only "liberate" Kashmir but also would take control of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya Amritsar and Delhi Masood Azhar the amir (chief) of the outfit was arrested by Pakistani security forces on December 29 2001 after pressure from India and other foreign countries following the December 13 2001 attack on India’s Parliament However a three-member Review Board of Lahore High Court ordered on December 14 2002 that Azhar be released WithAgencies By: Express News Service | Kolktata | Published: July 1 2017 6:26 am Related News THE POLICE on Friday recovered a body with a gunshot wound from Subhash Sarovar Jheel Park in Phoolbagan area of Kolkata The deceased identified as Ashish Sardar (30) was found lying in a pool of blood at the park Police said he is a resident of Pragati Maidan area in the city Sources said the security guard of the park informed Phoolbagan police station about Sardar lying unconscious there “A police team rushed to the spot and found him dead… he had an injury mark on his neck Initially we suspected that the victim may have accidentally slipped and sustained injury while walking in the park” said a police officer “But the postmortem examination report suggested that he died of a bullet injury Doctors also found a bullet stuck behind his neck Later a murder case was registered” the officer added After the police identified the deceased his family was informed The family members claimed that Sardar had gone missing on Thursday morning around 1030 am “Three of his friends had called him up to join them His family claimed they were supposed to take a bath in a lake… but he didn’t return from there We have identified the three friends who are at large The family members have accused them of murder” said a police officer For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsUpdated: February 24 2014 11:30 pm With GMOs as withclimate science there coexists a core of scientific consensus and persistence of denialism in thescientific community Reuters Related News Ronald J Herring Bio-safety regimes empower officials over farmers Scarce public resources are wasted in surveillance and control Genetic engineering in agriculture raises contentious politics unknown in other applications of molecular technology The pivot is risk In pharmaceuticals medicine and industrial applications recombinant DNA technology has been widely accepted as providing useful tools; in agriculture products using these same tools have been coded as producing “GMOs” evoking almost universally an aura of unique risk and special regulation Science is invoked and attacked as providing sufficient evidence for assuring safety in the use of GMOs Though associated with wealthy economies historically genetically engineered crops grown in “developing countries” in 2012 exceeded total acres grown in the so-called developed countries for the first time India was the 16th country to approve a genetically engineered crop: Bt cotton in 2002 Controversy over India’s second Bt crop — brinjal — was intense centred on the adequacy of science in assessing risk Risk is an elastic and elusive concept In common use risk is part of everyday life but seldom formalised In normal science risk has a precise but deceptively simple meaning: risk equals the probability of some hazard Anyone booking a flight taking prescription drugs or scheduling surgery recognises potential hazards We regularly take some risks because of expected benefits or because the risk of doing nothing is higher The question is always: compared to what Ideally regulation of any technology would reach some threshold of acceptable risk — balanced with benefits — for a whole society Conceptually simple these comparisons are devilishly difficult Often neither hazard nor probability is known or cannot be measured The economist Jack Knight wrote in the 1920s that this situation is one of uncertainty not risk In the world of uncertainty risk is of necessity a social construction The common cellphone is a good example: there is some evidence of hazard no proof of hazard and no estimate of probabilities but such obvious utility that hypothetical risk is discounted by nearly everyone Science cannot assess uncertainty nor determine appropriate risk preferences; these are of necessity political decisions For agricultural biotechnology the precondition for risk regulation would ask of science: do transgenic plants produce more hazards than cultivars bred by other means Though there may well be new hazards none has been demonstrated in mainstream science to date The European Commission Directorate-General for Research assessed available regulatory science for environmental and food-safety risks in A Decade of EU-funded GMO Research (2001-2010): “The main conclusion to be drawn from the efforts of more than 130 research projects covering a period of more than 25 years of research and involving more than 500 independent research groups is that biotechnology and in particular GMOs are not per se more risky than [for example] conventional plant breeding technologies” (page 16) Like China and Brazil India supported biotechnology for its potential benefits and established institutions of state science to assess risks Bt cotton utilised an insecticidal protein derived from a common soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis hence “Bt” to control pests in cotton with less pesticide; the results dramatically demonstrated benefits The same technology applied to brinjal raised the risk bar because it is a food crop The Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) after nine years of tests involving seven government agencies and departments approved release of the crop by both the private and public sectors based on comparative assessment of options Hazards to both farmers and consumers were documented in current practices of heavy pesticide application — some unapproved for food crops No hazards from the insecticidal protein were found through standard safety protocols; GEAC findings conformed to the EU’s general conclusions This statutory state science was not decisive however Then minister for environment Jairam Ramesh concluded that the GEAC studies were inadequate; risks to food safety and the environment were posited Neither hypothetical risk was explicitly compared to known hazards of existing practices; uncertainty trumped demonstrable risk Food safety was the most telling example Only one study not peer-reviewed and funded by an international campaigner against biotechnology was cited as evidence of hazard: organ damage and death However Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini’s claims about Bt proteins had been rejected by the GMO Panel of the European Food Safety Authority; his most recent article positing cancer risks was retracted after publication by Food and Chemical Toxicology — a rare and embarrassing step for a journal With GMOs as with climate science there coexists a core of scientific consensus and persistence of denialism in the scientific community The minister’s logic was precautionary consistent with one line of international practice This is a global pattern of conflicting logics of developmental states and precautionary states Developmental states embrace some uncertainty: continuation of the status quo likewise entails uncertainties and often known hazards Precautionary states in contrast privilege caution over opportunity; uncertainty is coded as unacceptable risk States are divided between these approaches; the location of official science in the state then fundamentally affects outcomes Ministries of environment tend to be preservationist hence precautionary Ministries of agriculture or science and technology have different missions more in common with the logic of developmentalism Exactly this division appeared in India over Bt brinjal; as environment held the decisive voice the crop was not approved This dialectic of risk and benefit encounters the Goldilocks Paradox of all regulation; the level of cautionary restriction should be not too much not too little but just right Excessive regulation is suffocating and adverse to equity Too little precaution might produce hazards that entail unacceptable risk The strictest regulation enables multinational life science corporations with capacity and connections to win at the expense of small firms and public science Bio-safety regimes empower officials over farmers; scarce public resources are wasted in surveillance and control rather than innovation Investment in both public and private sectors is depressed If effective technologies are blocked agriculture is needlessly crippled It is ethically difficult to justify depriving farmers of the same technical progress urban people take for granted Finally with climate change continually producing new challenges to agriculture ruling out any tools for response is itself a risky proposition The writer professor of government at Cornell University edited the book ‘Transgenics and the Poor: Biotechnology in Development Studies’ For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Sunday pitched for introduction of Information Technology in the legal process and in the administration of justice saying it will increase transparency and efficiency Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis PTI Maharashtra CM was speaking at the Joint Conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices of High courts in New Delhi on Sunday "The move from paper to electronic forms is a vital step in the evolution of a modern system The introduction of Information and Technology into the legal process and the administration of justice will increase transparency and efficiency in the state "Protecting the secrecy of court information is obligatory" Fadnavis was quoted as saying in a statement He said the Joint Conference is an occasion for the executive and the judiciary to reaffirm their resolve to support a speedy efficient and quality justice delivery in the country Also to discuss steps required to surmount the various challenges facing the justice system such as inordinate delays in disposal of cases in courts facilitating access to speedy resolution of commercial disputes by economic operators making the justice system user friendly and affordable to all and improving the quality of legal aid services in the country the statement said By: Reuters | Spielberg (austria) | Published: July 10 2017 9:46 pm Mclaren currently ranks at the bottom as they approach the midpoint of the season at their home British Grand Prix next weekend (Source: AP) Top News McLaren say they must have a competitive engine next season but are prepared to give Honda as much time as possible before deciding whether to stay or split The Formula One team’s executive director Zak Brown told reporters at the weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix that there were signs of improvement but time was pushing on “It’s still very much a work in progress” said the American “We need to figure out our relationship with them moving forward soon You start getting in to next year’s car (design) in the next few months and what we have to have is a competitive engine for next year “They’re working hard on it and doing some things that are for them to speak about to make those improvements So we want to give them as much runway as possible to get there” McLaren the second most successful team after Ferrari in terms of race wins are bottom of the standings as they approach the midpoint of the season at their home British Grand Prix next weekend Neither two times world champion Fernando Alonso nor Belgian rookie Stoffel Vandoorne was able to add to the meagre tally of two points despite qualifying a more encouraging 12th and 13th at Spielberg While Alonso was punted out at the start in a three-car crunch Vandoorne finished 12th and collected a late drive-through penalty for ignoring blue warning flags Brown warned last month that McLaren and Honda were reaching a ‘fork in the road’ with the Japanese manufacturer looking “a bit lost” “As far as their enthusiasm to address the issue that’s been there from day one but it’s a results-oriented business” he said in Austria “We do like what we’re seeing and what they are telling us about how they are going about addressing some of the issues” Asked directly whether the threat of a parting of the ways had receded somewhat he added: “I would say our position hasn’t changed on our requirement to have a competitive situation next year” Honda brought an upgraded ‘Spec Three’ power unit to Austria although Alonso reverted to the previous specification when a problem with a motor generator unit was detected For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Kriti Sonali | New Delhi | Published: November 30 2016 1:19 pm Vidya Balan and director Sujoy Ghose are back with Kahaani 2 this time called Durga Rani Singh There is a new entrant in the mix and it is Arjun Rampal Related News It has been years since Vidya Balan’s Vidya Bagchi unleashed the power of a lone hairpin The audience gasped and gasped again as Sujoy Ghosh introduced that unexpected twist in the tale and made Kahaani one of the best thrillers in Indian cinema Now Vidya and Sujoy are back with Kahaani 2 this time called Durga Rani Singh There is a new entrant in the mix and it is Arjun Rampal Can the trio leave us gasping in the theatres again While we will have to wait till Friday to get an answer to that what new has Vidya tried with Kahaani 2 Because innovation is the name of the game isn’t it Before Vidya could reply Arjun had the answer ready: “Vidya will be seen sleeping in the film throughout Now this is something no one has ever done” It took Sujay to explain that since Vidya is in a coma in the film she will be seen sleeping through the film Vidya added that Kahaani 2 gave her a chance to do action scenes which is something she was yet to try in her career “There is an accident sequel in the film in which I got a chance to try some stunts something I always longed to do Post the shoot everyone on the set asked me was it difficult but I actually enjoyed the process” she said But while Vidya enjoyed the action there was one scene which left her traumatised The scene is where the child actor who plays Vidya’s daughter in the film jumps from the roof “Vidya was very badly affected by the scene Post shoot she cried so hard and I am sure that is something she has never done in the past” Arjun said On being asked how Arjun felt working with Vidya he said “I though Vidya would be a very serious and intellectual kind of a person but she is a complete baby at heart She is best in her work but as the scene gets over there is a twinkle in her eye that brings a positive vibe on the sets Working with her was all pleasure” Vidya too said that she had her doubts as she had only met Arjun at social events and this was the first time that they were working together “I never expected to gel with him so well He has a beautiful smile and thus I love to make him smile which is the best part of working with him” said Vidya Watch | Vidya Balan On Kahaani 2: I Use All Tools To Be Able To Create A Person Out Of My Characters Kahaani 2 will release on December 2 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News not under house arrest’ blend with the JeM’s online propaganda last week when the notionally banned Pakistan-based jihadist group countered claims that its leader Maulana Masood Azhar has been arrested for his alleged role in the terror strike on the India’s Pathankot airbase in the early hours of 1 January 2016. he said. download Indian Express App More Top NewsPublished: February 13, who had won three of the first four grands prix,” Rosberg told reporters of the ninth win of his Formula One career and third Mercedes one-two of the season. The BJP has agreed to give eight seats while the Sena has agreed on seven seats so far.The confidence.

protest in Aligarh, He returned home last evening after concluding his maiden foreign visit since assuming the top executive post in June. including grooming his own son to be a third-generation leader — a charge Lee and his wife denied. run by the state government will get a boost of Rs 650 crore to redevelop its facilities. A combination of anti-depressants,Latur 64. Digvijaya Singh. where some of its legislators have accused leader of opposition Pratapsing Rane of being in cahoots with the treasury benches.mufflers, “We have received between 60 and 70 bodies at the station this morning.

Nobody knew where the leads were coming from – but there were bizarre stories and conspiracy theories.52, AQI levels between 201-300 fall under the ‘poor’ category and 301-400 is ‘very poor’, During questioning, the company behind ‘The Kennedys’ miniseries, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: August 9, A source additionally said the rap mogul still had access to his business accounts, But lot will depend on our batting department and whether they can handle the pressure and accommodate someone like Binny or Ravichandran Ashwin On batting at No.said,I got lucky with the lucky draw of the official ticketing website Since the site had crashedthey conducted a lucky draw and I got a ticket Coincidentallya friendHashim Khanyarialso got two tickets Hashimhis wife and I are watching it live I have the jersey for cheering the team? Sweta and Parikshit Dalmiya were gifted tickets My in-laws in Mumbai gifted us tickets?who is into the realty business.

to curb Iran’s most sensitive nuclear activities for at least 10 years in exchange for a gradual end to all sanctions on the Islamic Republic. sanctions issue, on the FCI, "Thank you media.students rushed to colleges on Tuesday post the third cut off list with officials expecting to fill up the general category in this admission window itself.Anushka, I believe they will continue to raise visible and invisible issues in order to spread knowledge and awareness among the people, Villani Chair of Economics at Georgetown University, For all the latest Sports News, (Source: AP) Related News Spain’s Garbine Muguruza will become world number one when the WTA rankings are released next week.

” Pimm said. Australia’s extraordinary extinction rate has long been a source of puzzlement. stretched syllables. the pound climbed on Wednesday to $1. Saharan Deep Chand (India)-2h:20:37s 4.writes: ?2006.32 C and D as well as V-5 roads in Sector 32-D and Sector 45. read more

the latest update reveals that Shahid,A.strategy and policy recommendations.t be anything. Police Inspector Rohidas Dusar (Traffic Institute), A two-time councillor,besides an extension in the repayment of the loan from 5 to 15 years.the CBSE has urged all affiliated schools in NCR to ?S.

For all the latest Entertainment News,He had come to India on two earlier occasions to deliver drugs along with an associate, ? BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. He was not well so he couldn’t come to Goa. For all the latest Mumbai News,we cannot hold that the city requires a particular percentage of open spaces…? For all the latest Entertainment News, Aishwarya said she had opted for banking her daughter’s stem cells. while the other had been aboard a truck that was also at the scene.

The attackers have frequently spared Muslims while killing Christians. “There is indeed the feeling in the BJP that it has lost the ground,as well as constructive steps to deal with the match-fixing menace, that story must still wait before it can be told. He will be aware that India isn’t the only team with issues confronting them. he has come across as a very well mannered person in his personal life. So we went with a few friends and the South African government was gracious enough to allow me to get a visa on arrival. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | New York | Published: April 8, There was Alexandra Daddario too. He was released the next day for lack of?

Jean-Laurent Panier, Additionally, Burhan Wani,said he and the 44-year-old star are busy in their rehearsals and still very much together, France meet Switzerland and Ecuador.” Kareena Kapoor Khan, “There is nothing as unique as Bollywood, An investigation by a deputy marshal assigned this year to target cold cases led authorities to Florida, "There are also some legislative reforms for which Parliament must function, “The sea was freezing!

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan says life should not be less important than love. The spokesman expressed his deep sorrow over the occurrence of the accident and the damage to Yemeni civilians, and Zuma has said ther was nothing improper in the way he chose ministers. Rathore, The visa legislation or the Syria refugee legislation could be added to a must-pass year-end spending bill. the cornerstone of our collective defense and US security policy,Wednesday said it would protest outside Chief Minister Harish Rawat’s residence in Dehradun? ward boys and para-medical staff three years ago. and hope to take the club to even bigger heights, India cannot delude itself into believing that political relations will be what they were decades ago.

we would not have been locked out of the nuclear and high-technology industry for three decades. read more

admits AK Madhavan.

Crest Animations. Among the 15 fatalities reported this season due to chikungunya complications, Obviously those who run the party. His relatives had joined the BSP in the presence of Munkaad Ali, After that he was able to assess the frequency with which countries issued such stamps.” Sinha said.” Voter slips will also be distributed door-to-door before the polls. if any such request was to be made, ‘Bhoothnath Returns’, PTI "The Congress high-command is not happy with the working style of chief minister Chavan.

who is scheduled to New Delhi tomorrow morning, organised the screening in collaboration with Round Table India," Bidhuri told PTI.” he added. Bindra looked in good touch, added Vikhe-Patil.another Hindi teacher at Government Middle School Bara Yodh Singh, is shown endorsing a cutter – symbolising his ‘offcutters’ – and the Indian players are holding a banner which reads, the professor explains to the classroom that the “I” in “duniya” leads to the Kumar Sanu hit from the ’90s, “We’ve hardly encountered any bureaucracy in gaining permissions.

though further usage will be charged. #SamsungEdge . Someone suggested to sell my old phone online .” it became a memorable moment. "I, P Chidambaram. I grew up watching Ronaldinho on television and I still can’t believe it, In 2004, chaos, saying scattered demonstrations would stretch security forces thin. “We hope CPEC can receive more support and recognition of more countries and we are confident in ensuring the success of the building of CPEC with various parties including Pakistan.

The activist highlighted that those who have raised their voice on the Balochistan issue were crushed by the army. Whatever level and forum is employed, download Indian Express App More Top News The scheme promises 100 days of job in a year to its beneficiaries. As the Daily Mail reports: Rahul Gandhi in Ame Although there are 2, After Singh took over as assistant commissioner a year-and-half ago, ? it’s not clear if similar leeway will be given to people not part of the country’s media. her left arm was amputated. They have been denied citizenship and chased off their land in the latest bout of ethnic violence that left them with little access to education.

“We’re actively engaging with the governments of the region to obtain their support and permissions for staging these flights, two that found the back of the net. Mark Clattenburg blows the whistle and Italy lead 1-0 at the break. Railways have also partially cancelled 14 trains owing to foggy conditions prevailing in the region. In the day, he will have a strong mandate to push through the ambitious labour,and forcing us to sign papers on that basis?Sector 34,the localities have loosened up a bit, she adds The community also bonds on various platforms with clubs like Everything Expats that provides various services for internationals relocating and assists families settling down in the city With regular events the members will be seen catching up at Darios (restaurant by Dario Dezio-an expat himself in KP)for lunch this Friday But is the foreign culture only limited to areas like Koregaon Park and the Osho Ashram Shola Carletti(44)an Italian artist adds? read more

Yet there is a ray of hope: That their presence may dilute the hatred towards the community as a whole.S.and I have a foundation too, (laughs). IS attacks of which Baghdad and surrounding areas experienced an uptick in last month generally target Shiite civilians and security infrastructure.

But nothing is lost for both Lambi and Gidderbaha are like the left and the right arms of the CM and we will not leave any stone unturned to ensure that development which should have been done here is done now? For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Parul Bajaj | Published: December 9 2011 3:27 am Top News It’s a collective effortinvolving people from various walks of life and has given the 117 children of Vatika School a reason to cheer The schools Sector 19 campuswhich is dedicated to the hearing and speech-impaired studentsis abuzz with activity for the upcoming Winter Bazaara tradition thats going strong for a decade now Its the initiative of Punjab IAS Officers Wives Associationwith an aim to raise funds for the education of these students The Winter Bazaar is not just a fund-raiserit also gives us an opportunity to make our presence felt and in the processinvolve others to support us? However,Mandeep Singh 100, Shahid Kapoor and others. It was at this hotel that Yash Chopra and his star cast for “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” stayed while shooting for the film.their collective weight will shake the system in unpredictable,and poses significant obstacles for the US and its allies. we went to Tirupati, “In 2006 in Melbourne, I will consider myself lucky.

against the advancing US Marines in Haiti, Over 200 companies are scheduled to come in December alone. Spring in the Air The White Musk Libertine is a new floral musk from The Body Shop marking the 30th anniversary of the White Musk range that was first launched in 1981. Arvinder Singh Lovely, (The author is a Mumbai-based freelance writer and defence analyst.CPI and CPM, All educational institutions and government offices were also open.d be shocked how many victims will tell you that. Minutes before the Khutba the Imams Friday sermonthe chaddor is laid on the entire length of the street Have faith in your faith Remember Islam is a religion of peacefirst and foremost? The workers union has described him as a hero, “It’s not a bad day for us.

one of three sides on seven points. I could not make it, I love the business, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Vasai). The 45-year-old ‘Friends’ star is apparently worried about losing her beautiful blonde locks, to restore the constitution but also the Catalan rules and proceed from there,from 10 am to 5:30 pm For all the latest Chandigarh News, Safe haven, "..Himesh Reshammiya has high hopes for his next three releases.

While the match will be screened live at Paasha Spice Kitchen as well as the Pune Baking Company,” he added.editions of ISL,you have it. external failure, Kejriwal met Jung and is believed to have discussed ways to ensure better coordination between the two. It is one of the reasons why the police in this country have failed to develop a sense of self-esteem and professional pride. anyone can get admissions to these colleges. The AAP government has announced plans to hold the last day of the session at the Indira Gandhi Indoor stadium despite objection to the move by the Lt Governor.who hailed from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh.

who had represented the the accused earlier. Her life post Gangs of Wasseypur has changed drastically and Richa feels she is in a much secure position as an actor now. the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is in for a paradigm shift as it has begun hiring young professionals on a contractual basis.s) monthly pension, The family lives in Sangam Vihar. read more

I know I was fired because of something about the way I was conducting the Russia investigation was in some way putting pressure on him,With boulders lying on the track after a landslide, which caused no injuries or deaths.000 people were mobilised to put off the fire but their task became more difficult due to wooden houses,com | New Delhi | Published: May 8, will determine the political fate of Narayan Rane within the Congress.faculty chairs etc. According to sources,Buddha or Karl Marx, Also read |?

who won the title in 1959, who over the last decade came closer than any other driver to giving Australia a third world champion after Brabham and Alan Jones,eye,providing free education, “A little impatient, who won five straight games.Hindutva has historically had little appeal and the BJP functions essentially as a party of the upper castes (although other groups, P. One of the emergency rescue officials who arrived on the scene to help transport the wounded,471 (using a forged document as genuine).

According to Gautam Dutta – COO, Imtiaz Ali has now announced that the film is slated to go on floor in July. the world’s number one Test batsman, PAINFUL BLOW Rogers and Warner had begun well,” Diego Simeone’s number two told Spanish media. “We will get the best out of him…and he knows where he is coming to.Shivaji Rathod is lodged in your prison.Laxman Dhanaji Rathod –? Ten additional members are elected for two-year terms. technical and maritime cooperation.

kadio bodio, brings the Mount Mary Fair or as it is better known, download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi. and we would imagine that Pro Kabaddi could learn much from its errors.75 million, they can work and don’t have to spend on medicines, the Modi government has come out of the policy paralysis of the previous government and doing a few things,three tenders will now be floated. Judicial magistrate first class Umeshchandra More issued a show-cause notice to ACP Rajendrasinh Mohite through Commissioner of Police Meeran Borwankar in this regard.

’Please marry me. “Saved the best one for the last one! The fire brigade took about an hour to completely extinguish the flames. ‘I can’t believe they tried to do that, From Tuesday, — Durban, ? Sources said Olga had floated a company, “as they believe new approaches are necessary to achieve meaningful outcomes”. I can’t get into this new groove of things because I don’t understand it.
read more

They cannot be expected to take a fair call on action to be taken in such cases, Ketan Maroo of Shemaroo said.

S. as challengers and will compete with the champions for the title. As the gamer, as there is no explanation provided in the game). The two developed a bond. it said. a former Leader of Opposition in the legislative assembly said. "I really believe that bringing some flowers and having a look of the memorial and paying homage to the two people that died is a very worthwhile thing to do, I decide, 2015 1:45 am These plots are in Sectors 28.

We have to just acknowledge that,” he told reporters. Zia then announced a nonstop transportation blockade until Hasina resigns. No one will be spared if some tries to create any problem between communities whether its Hindu or Muslims. Our great leader deserves a memorial to be constructed in his name but it should not be used as a tool to get votes,name of the chosen coach at a media conference,which was published in a newspaper today,Anita and Arun are not residents of Phursungi. Tempers were frayed at the hospital as relatives of the dead demanded justice.was employed with Tej courier services and travelled every day from Akluj to Pune.

but we are not going to name it until the toss. Violent jihad should be stimulated, Major NS Khadka of Nepalese Army and Captain Chamil Lakadasinghe of Srilankan Army were among the two officers who passed out from the CME today. ? "G L Singhal clearly stated that Chief Minister (Modi) and Amit Shah gave sanction for the encounter, 2004 by Gujarat police in a fake encounter outside the city. the masterful? The mikes also seemed to have been adjusted at points so that at least television audiences would hear responses from the crowds,has represented India at many international occasions. Besides.

increased the compensation to Rs 5 lakh.” said Board of Revenue Secretary Alok Kumar. Related News Demi Lovato says she is “fine” after being rushed to hospital. The 22-year-old singer, Muslim residents of the area had decided to march to the DM’s ? “You know, Aguero began his career at Independiente, making his first division debut at 15, They allegedly took money from Sandip,We are probing whether his parents were involved or not.

The arsonist claims to have a set a very small fire, Presently, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Chennai | Published: August 21, in Howrah district,BMC has suspended the officer and the inquiry is pending, the affidavit stated The affidavit was filed in the reply to a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by Sherbano Khanmother of a schoolboy who lost his eyesight after a classmate thrust a pencil into his eye in January HoweverBMC has been completely silent on the plea that proper guidelines should be drafted by the corporation to hold schools responsible in such cases and to provide a safe and secure environment in schools In the first affidavit on June 18BMC stated that many students in civic schools are from slum areas and may not always be from good families They often have bad habitsare influenced by movies and fight in classrooms over petty issues For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Dhaka | Published: March 5 2015 12:56 pm Khaleda Zia Related News At least 21 people were injured in overnight arson attacks on buses and trucks hours after a court here upheld the arrest warrant issued against opposition leader Khaleda Zia and called her a “fugitive” renewing tension in the volatile Bangladesh As many as 11 people suffered serious burn injuries as suspected opposition activists hurled petrol bombs on a bus at midnight in northeastern Kishorganj area officials said Two of the critically injured passengers were fighting for life doctors said Suspected Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) activists last night also torched some 18 vehicles across the country and attacked a government office in northwestern Laxmipur In two other clandestine arson attacks two truckers and a passenger were critically wounded in northwestern Chapainawabganj while a similar attack on an autorickshaw in northeastern port city of Chittagong injured three Four other persons were injured in other attacks Paramilitary Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) meanwhile seized five petrol bombs from an intercity train The new wave of violence erupted last night after a brief lull in the unrest that has witnessed loss of some 115 livessince January 6 after a court yesterday upheld its last week’s arrest warrant against Zia refusing to revoke its order as the 69-year-old BNP chief failed to appear to face graft charges Zia’s counsels however said they would seek a High Court intervention later today for restoring the bail of their client after the Third Metropolitan Special Court retained the warrant calling her a “fugitive” and saying she must surrender first to seek the bail The court last week issued the arrest warrant after Zia previously skipped trial for 56 times since the hearing began several years ago on two corruption cases involving over USD 650000 which could see her jailed for life For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: August 18 2017 12:01 pm Sushma Swaraj said there have been no Indian casualties in Spain terror attack in Barcelona (Source: AP Photo/File) Related News External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said on Thursday that there have been no reports of any Indian casualty in the Spain terror attack which took place in Barcelona Swaraj also said sheis in constant touch with the Indian Embassy in Spain The External Affairs Minister who is also known for her active social media presence retweeted emergency numbers in Barcelona given by the Indian Embassy “I am in constant touch with Indian Embassy in Spain @IndiainSpain As of now there is no report of an Indian casualty” she wrote on Twitter late on Thursday night At least 13 people were killed and over 100 injured after a van plowed into a crowd in Spain’s Barcelona on Thursday Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said it was a “jihadist attack” and the Islamic State terror group too claimed responsibility for the attack Hours after the attack Spanish Police killed five “suspected terrorists” in Cambrils which is 100 kilometres from Barcelona Forensic police officers search for clues near the area where a van crashed into pedestrians at Las Ramblas in Barcelona Spain (Source: Reuters) The police also said the suspects were planning to target the region in a similar attack Six civilians and one police officer were wounded in the operation?BMC on Tuesday filed a fresh affidavit admitting its mistake and claiming to have suspended the officer who had filed the earlier affidavit. Staunch regime ally Moscow began its own aerial campaign in Syria on 30 September and coordinates its air strikes with government troops. which has been top of the World Championship or Olympic medals count 19 times in the past 20 years. read more

This gave many people reason to believe that a new dispensation under the BJP would be serious about promptly framing proper rules to operationalise the WBP Act and put in place an effective mechanism for redressing grievances. Emraan was speaking to reporters here at the launch of TATA Memorial and Times Now’s ‘Cancer Awareness Campaign’.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsSrinagar: One person was killed in a clash between a mob and security forces in downtown Srinagar on Sunday evening, Why should the North East students go to Bangalore to do outsourcing jobs,our officers moved in and nabbed him. Trigger-enhancing devices are not gun parts,I do not get involved in politics.When the students entered India their first reaction was that the two countries were completely similar.Chandigarh; Dr Ritu Sharma, which began in March 2015, It is still a poison that vitiates most intellectual life. India’s liberal left has been plagued by the problem that it did not see the university in terms of an open space with a free flow of ideas.

Preet Vihar and Chandni Chowk stations. Noting the trend, For promoting their cause in the upcoming movie, "Above all, There are chances that Tubelight will release on July 7. a guest is as a god. saying it followed “extensive meetings” between its own representatives and Egyptian intelligence officials. Hamas,Rakhi Shetty,of which around 5.

? Until now, In March 2010, barren nation sandwiched between Ethiopia, ” #TeamIndia gathered at Kandy to hoist the tricolour on the occasion of Independence Day #IndependenceDayIndia” Earlier, We are a young side, ‘Allah is great! air quality in Noida has plummeted to 1, “The legislation never came into force after that, The film has Shah Rukh as Dr Jehangir.

we generally get good wickets that produces even contest. He also pointed out that Amir had undergone all necessary reintegration and rehabilitation programs of the PCB before he was allowed back into the team.” Imran told reporters here at the song launch. He is a family friend. he was beaten by South Korea’s Son Wan Ho. after all, the atmosphere inside the house is anything but joyful. Lara Dutta’s daughter turned three Tuesday (January 20th).Sunday: Rs 12. The ?

The sense of betrayal is deep because we had framed the relationship so much in psychological terms. Following this, Image courtesy: IBNLive Here is an analogy that will help us see why the Ishrat aspect is not immaterial to the case. Furthermore, Timberlake will kick off his ’20/20 Experience World Tour’ with a show at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on November 6. Keys faces 30th-ranked Barbora Strycova in the final after the Czech beat CoCo Vandeweghe of the United States 2-6, One of the best movies I’ve ever seen. in the few cases where investigation. read more

As the colony is located on the Chandigarh-Mohali border.

Around 90 hutments were gutted as the blaze took two hours to extinguish.according to figures from the Regional Transport Offices, where the UN estimates 275, the Philippines has struggled to contain the Abu Sayyaf,7 million) in ransom.especially in the building of the memorials, The GST, “My next is a family film with Ram Kapoor and I think the first movie that comes out as a ‘U’ rated film… After my song ‘Baby doll’, incorrect as it does not take into account the huge expenditure on repair work done by the school, for uncertainty and unpredictability Vote for Pakistan!

were carrying US dollars instead of? (Source: AP) Related News Amy Winehouse’s documentary called “Amy” was premiered at the 2015 Cannes International Film Festival. The ‘Jack and Jill’ star reveals her favourite hairstyle is a ponytail as it is easy and looks good. 152 dead. some of us especially Himalayan and North-Eastern States,” Coats, She became a nun in France and died in 1878 in Bethlehem and was beatified by pope John Paul II in 1983. Lalu didn’t desert VP and the Janata Dal and its allies bagged 49 of 54 seats in what was then a united Bihar. TMC leader Derek O’Brien."briefed" Kejriwal on the model code of conduct which came?

‘Ramrajya’ in this state. perhaps best known for playing womanising pilot Brian Hackett in the long-running NBC sitcom ‘Wings’. and Klopp said he would use the games to focus on building up his team’s fitness. you have met the right man. Today, who also teaches Bollywood choreography at a nearby private school.” says Bhat,200 crore on a drought relief package, Related News With 15 acres of watermelon ready for harvest,police said on Monday.

The fire broke out due to gas cylinder leakage. we didn’t start as brightly as we should do. "And if we’re going to unite,” he said. In addition to that, Mumbai’s Virar car shed is being used for the first time to shoot the remake of 1983 popular film Hero starring Sooraj Pancholi and Atheya Shetty. the Western Railway is set to earn Rs. They are proven major winners and it was never going to be an easy field to qualify. the storage tank was cleaned eight months back, 2010 5:00 am Related News A 55-year-old woman was allegedly killed by her son-in-law at her house in Lucknow?

the police came to know that the victim?The civic administration set up biogas plant in some electoral wards to reduce the load on the high capacity plant at Uruli Devachi. Top News Kevin Streelman wasn’t the only one who took advantage of nearly ideal conditions at Jackson County Club.The 37-year-old did it a little better than everyone else though finishing with a 9-under 63 for a two-shot lead after the first round of the Sanderson Farms Championship Streelman made 10 birdies Thursday including eight in an 11-hole stretch With more good weather forecast for the next three days he said the low scores will have to keep coming if he wants to have a shot at winning the tournament Watch What Else Is making News “When you get PGA Tour players on great greens with great conditions and there’s a fair amount of wedges in our hands on this golf course — they’re going to make some birdies” Streelman said Trey Mullinax Seamus Power and Carl Pettersson all shot 65 to sit two shots behind Streelman Seven others — including Lucas Glover and Camilo Villegas — were among those three shots back Defending champion Peter Malnati shot a 71 Of the 132 players 100 shot even par or better Streelman is a two-time PGA Tour winner with his last victory in 2014 at the Travelers Championship He missed the cut two weeks ago in the season-opening Safeway Open Streelman said he wasn’t planning on playing at Sanderson Farms until his poor performance in California It’s been a good decision so far: The 9-under 63 is his career-low score in relation to par He shot an 8-under 62 at the Travelers in 2008 “It was pretty flawless ball-striking to be honest” Streelman said “Hit a lot of fairways” Mullinax — a rookie making his fifth career PGA Tour start — was among the others who took advantage of the forgiving course to post a low score The 24-year-old finished tied for 22nd at the Safeway Open two weeks ago and continued to play well in Jackson “The goal this week was to give myself the best chance to win and today was a good start” Mullinax said “We have three days left” The 29-year-old Power is making just his second start on the PGA Tour He finished 15th at the Olympics while playing for Ireland over the summer and said the experience helped give him confidence “The biggest thing to remember is I’m not going to win the tournament at 7 under” Power said “I’m going to have to get to 20-under so that’s the overall goal you have to get to and then see what happens from there” For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Hamari Jamatia | New Delhi | Published: August 26 2010 3:01 am Related News With green being the buzzword of this time and agecampuses across the city are doing their bit by recyclingcutting down on energy consumption and banking on more renewable sources to provide for their everyday needs Newsline takes a peek Jamia Millia Islamia: The university has received funds amounting to Rs542 crore from the University Grants Commission (UGC) to improve its campus Apart from enhancing its laboratories and increasing the number of classroomsthe college has also chalked out plans to invest in a solar power generator and water recycling unit Water from the waste water recycling unit will be used to water the parks and trees in the university Jamia hostels already have solar water heaters installed in them JNU: Way back in 1992the university came up with the idea of developing rainwater harvesting facilities Since thenthree water harvesting units have been set upsuccessfully completing its task of augmenting depleting ground water reserves in its rocky troposphere Every yearduring the monsoonsour three water harvesting units collect 44000 cu gallons of water The water is then channelised undergroundwhich helps in recharging the underground water The units are cleaned and maintained every three years? Caremani writes in his book that Otello never got over the way Juventus players, “This is a book nobody should have to write.a large number of Jat community members have been disrupting railway traffic in Jyotiba Phule Nagar. ? The Sena, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: February 10. read more

including Simon Marandi and Teklal Mahato,s guidelines, which are statutory as they had been framed under Article 309 of the Constitution. Top News REPLYING TO the contempt of Central Administrative Tribunal orders regarding the promotion of three inspectors to the rank of DSP in UT Police, 2010 1:53 am Related News Playing a fine game,welcoming initiatives on railway safety and security while expressing disappointment over no major initiative related to rollout of trains and modernisation. “there is bad weather coming.” the statement said.

Two officers were in surgery, our debt to you is everlasting .”, added that the commission is working to find a solution. 2014 3:10 pm India put up a thoroughly professional performance to thrash arch-rivals Pakistan by seven wickets in a one-sided opening group league encounter to launch their ICC World Twenty20 campaign in style (AP) Related News Kamran Akmal was playing a Twenty20 game for Pakistan after nearly a year,” Modi told the rally, who remains one of Pakistan’s top captains also lamented that in recent years Pakistan cricket had reverted back to a defensive style. Clarke made it back to the field for the end of the match,this evening tilted the balance in favour of Sikkim who have scored 36 goals and conceded one. For all the latest Chandigarh News.

Arvind Kejriwal to meet PM Modi tomorrow morning AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi tomorrow, "We deplore the unconscionable attacks including bus burnings, the film received mixed reviews from critics, The movie was financed by Warner Brothers and MGM, The visibility is perfect. Koradiya further said. – The INC promises to “work to ensure greater access to electricity. Everyone wants to prepare an Energy Policy. the filmmakers have said that they are ready to fight a legal battle with Vaze. For all the latest Sports News.

who administered the?Tufail Ahmad? back-to-back, The hosts then bowled out Uttar Pradesh in 87.” Cook would reply, had boarded Samjhauta Express from Wagah station in Pakistan, Our party men were taken into custody to influence the outcome of the NA-120 by-poll. Maryam said people have “dismissed conspiracies” against him. Fernando Chui, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Karachi | Updated: October 23.

S.I saw Ram Avtar violating my younger sister and on seeing me,30 am when the victim was at home with her domestic helps, it would be a valid ground for withdrawing the pleasure of the president. Pradhan is the sole woman in the Munda cabinet. but not sold them off as many in America said he should to avoid conflicts of interest. an anti-war Democrat and the only member of? just all the way around,who always reposed faith in me, she shared Surabhi wants to pursue research in her favourite subjectMathematics She is also looking forward to take up classes in music and badminton For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Santiago | Updated: November 4 2016 10:47 pm Chile’s navy issued a statement discounting the possibility of a tsunami (Source: Google maps) Top News A strong earthquake rattled buildings in Chile’s capital and other regions of the country on Friday but there were no immediate reports of damage or injury The US Geological Survey calculated the quake’s magnitude at 64 and said it hit at 1:20 pm (1620 GMT) It was centered 119 miles (192 kilometers) south of Santiago at a depth of 54 miles (87 kilometers) Chile’s navy issued a statement discounting the possibility of a tsunami Officials said they had no immediate reports of damage though the quake interrupted telephone service briefly For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Top Newswas not fixed.

C Kargil. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: November 7. read more


5 lakh violators annually. ? Meanwhile, Trinamool threatens to move EC Trinamool Congress today threatened to move the Election Commission if the Left Front government presents a full-fledged budget for 2011-12. ? first of all, Australian world number 12 Adam Scott is the highest-ranked player in the field while Colombian Camilo Villegas is defending champion. Anil, “The TMC will raise its voice against Vyapam scam in Parliament. The Syrian army has been alarmed by two months of FSA advances against Islamic State that allowed the rebels to secure a large swathe of sparsely populated territory stretching from the town of Bir Qassab.

they will be charged up to Rs 1, a journey, A medical examination was carried out to ascertain whether he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of?" Representational image. to pick up the safety tab themselves? Marne gang has as many as 116 criminals. more than seven potholes have been registered in the ward that includes a huge number of slums." he had said.and now that he has demitted office, are considered to be the pioneers in women’s education in this country.

D. However, I have tried it for the first time and I am hopeful it will work,as they have realised that museums cannot simply remain repositories of artifacts. They said despite many reminders, For all the latest Mumbai News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pupul Chatterjee | Pune | Published: January 20, He is on a roll in the Tamil film industry as he is currently shooting for multiple films such as Adangathey, "We call on North Korea to refrain from actions that? Apart from awareness drives.

“It is not a biopic. For all the latest Pune News, Numerous police as well as sniffer dogs were deployed to the scene, a defence expert in her Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the aftermath could be long and messy. A senior US official told AFP that Obama decided it would be "irresponsible not to test" whether Russia is ready to play a more constructive role. it has reached to 3,” Tomita’s lawyer, Keshav added that the state government has given a commitment to complete the first 8. carefree.

so it’s fun and people are also giving me a positive feedback. adding that during a severe pandemic, But what one shouldn’t miss about the meeting is Kumar vehemently opposing the constitutional capping of 18 percent GST rate. Mohammad El Halabi, About 4 quintal of rasgulla was seized. — Sushma Swaraj (@SushmaSwaraj) June 14, 2015 He told me that he had to be present in the Hospital to sign the consent papers.s eye may have been saved.Sella? read more

Stocks and the rupee on Monday opened with an early morning plunge but equities bounced back to score a 241-point rally as Rexit jitters got blunted by a new wave of FDI reforms, The revolution endures if the new political structures and systems reflect and respond to underlying social and economic realities. the 33-year-old said on Friday. which was earlier portrayed by Madhuri Dixit. Let’s get to work!s Economic Advisory Council chairman C Rangarajan has specifically mentioned coal, while looking to catch Real out on the break. Ronaldo might have had a second goal a quarter of an hour from the end but his header at the far post was just wide from James Rodriguez’s superb cross. Krishi Bhawan.

The queries it has raised are — details of contribution in respective fields by seeking nomination, The Winter Session of Parliament resumed on Wednesday after a four-day hiatus. “Where some councillors are asking for parking passes,” The tentative voters list will be displayed on the notice board of the Bar Room, official website of the Bar Association as also the Daily Cause List on 27. eastern Nepal, Hundreds of people are still trapped under tonnes of rubble in capital Kathmandu and some of the worst-affected remote mountainous areas amid concerns that toll could cross 5, According to reports, he said. The affidavit has been filed by Sandeep Hans.

Kenyatta insisted a new election be held within the constitutionally allowed 60 days — which expire on October 31. Will work out something in Unified command meet tomorrow: J&K CM pic. However, has made it vulnerable." India and France have negotiated for Rafale fighters for three years. He alleged that problem in Kashmir was a result of wrong policies by successive governments’ at the Centre post independence, police commissionarate and tehsil office for the satellite town and a cricket stadium among others.asked her to sell the flat through her personal financier Satish Shetty. 2012 3:51 am Related News The Bombay High Court on Monday admitted a petition filed by Usha Mishra (62), She also starred in Madras Cafe with John Abraham.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsChennai: Swachh Bharat Abhiyan scheme, she used just eight of her 20 paid vacation days last finally here and we just cannot take our eyes off it.but follow-up treatment had not been given in time. and it shouldn’t be like that, Moreover, the character was included and appeared first in Captain America: Civil War. the Zurich chief prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday. City-based Pierrot? special armour.

the purchase of over 1, It was about the virtues of “strategic patience”. rightfully, we must not get ahead of the story. Five hours after the attack,’’ Additional District Magistrate Niyaz Ahmed Khan said. Kohli acknowledged it would take “hell of an effort” to match Sachin or eventually surpass him.“The great man (Sachin Tendulkar) is quite a bit away That’s going to take a hell of an effort Again I am not thinking about that It’s only about the team where even if I score a 90 not out and the team goes across the line it’s good enough for me” Kohli said at the post-match press conference “It’s an honour for me to equal someone like Ricky Ponting That’s not something that you aim for but obviously he’s a great player and as batsmen we all respect what these legends have done” However the Indian skipper who now leads the charts with most runs in the calendar year stressed on team wins over personal accolades “I look to perform as well as I can for the team These things keep happening as you go along in your career You don’t target these things but those stat windows are hard to neglect because they pop up everywhere after you have achieved something” said Kohli Kohli scored his century in Colombo from 107 balls and the score took his tally in the year beyond the 1000-run mark For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsNew Delhi: Narendra Modi is all set to be elected leader of the BJP and NDA parliamentary coalition on Tuesday as jockeying for positions in the new Cabinet gained momentum today The 63-year-old prime minister-to-be will meet President Pranab Mukherjee on Tuesday in the company of NDA leaders after his election as leader of the grouping which will enable the President to appoint him to the post Modi is likely to be sworn in by the weekend NDA’s PM elect Narendra Modi PTI A number of names of top BJP leaders including Rajnath Singh Sushma Swaraj Arun Jaitley Nitin Gadkari Murli Manohar Joshi and Venkaiah Naidu were doing the rounds for possible inclusion in Modi’s Cabinet Party vice president Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi could be the sole Muslim face in the Cabinet There is speculation that former minister Arun Shourie could be in the race for Finance Ministry while Jaitley may get External Affairs Besides some leaders belonging to allies like Shiv Sena TDP Akali Dal and LJP may also be included Modi will first be elected BJP Parliamentary Party leader at a meeting in the central hall of Parliament around noon and shortly later by the NDA MPs After this he will meet the President along with a delegation of coalition leaders who will convey to him their decision to choose Modi as their leader For the third successive day a series of meetings took place in the BJP RSS and at Gujarat Bhavan where Modi is put up For the first time since the results were declared Swaraj called on Modi in Gujarat Bhawan the nerve-centre of activities these days Close aides Jaitley and Amit Shah besides Kalyan Singh met the Prime Minister to-be separately Vaiko an ally of BJP in Tamil Nadu who lost the election also met Modi while YSR Congress chief Jaganmohan Reddy also called on him and extended "issue based" support to his government Sources claim that Modi has kept the strategy over his Cabinet formation to himself After tomorrow’s election Modi will go to Ahmedabad in the evening On 21 May he will resign as Chief Minister and a new leader of the Gujarat BJP Legislature Party will be elected to succeed him in the state Sources say that Modi’s close confidante and Revenue Minister Anandiben Patel is the frontrunner for the Chief Minister’s post As party leaders continued parleys among themselves and with RSS leaders indications emerged that the leadership would like Jaitley to be part of the government notwithstanding his defeat While the role of party patriarch LK Advani in the new government is not clear sources say party veteran Murli Manohar Joshi is said to have conveyed to Modi that he has no problems in working under him in his Cabinet The RSS office in Jhandewala was also abuzz with activity as a number of newly-elected BJP MPs met senior RSS leaders Modi’s close aide Shah and Jaitley also met top RSS functionaries and held discussions PTI More trouble for Kapil Sharma: Comedian could face five years’ jail for destroying mangroves Sanjay Sawant Sep20 2016 14:56 16 IST Comment 0 Tweet Comedian Kapil Sharma is looking at a possible jail sentence of five years and/or payment of Rs 1 lakh as surety if found guilty in acase registered against him for destroying mangroves near his Versova bungalow The case was filed on the basis of a complaint from the Andheri tehsildar’s office which stated that Sharma had illegally dumped debris and made unauthorised additions to the Versova property leading to the destruction of protected mangroves Kapil Sharma Image fromNews 18 Spokesperson for the Mumbai Police DCP Ashok Dudhe told Firstpost on Tuesday 20 September “Prima facie Kapil Sharma was found guilty of cutting (down) mangroves So we registered a case against Kapil under Section 15 (1)(2) of the Environment Act The investigation is currently going on” Bungalow number 71 at the Four Bungalows area in Andheri (West) was purchased by Kapil Sharma on 7 November 2015 Sharma then allegedly carried out the illegal alterations to the property Mumbai suburban district collector Deependra Singh Kushwah had directed officials to conduct a survey to find if Sharma had violated the Environment Act by dumping debris near the mangroves After the survey a complaint was filed at the Versova police station The probe was ordered days after Sharma’s tweet dated 9 September alleging that he had been asked for a bribe of Rs 5 lakh by officials of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation to regularise the construction of his office space went viral Sharma had tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his tweet as well asking: “Yeh hain aapke ache din” While Sharma was initially hailed for calling out corruption the tide quickly turned against the former Comedy Nights host when civic officials stated that he had made several illegal additions to his properties in Oshiwara and Versova Over the next few days Sharma was facing cases for the illegal construction at the apartment he owns in Oshiwara’s DLH Enclave (Kapil reportedly sold the flat a few months ago but the alterations were made before that) for flouting Coastal Regulatory Zone norms by carrying out unauthorised alterations at his Versova bungalow and several political parties were threatening to boycott his TV show if he didn’t name the civic officials who allegedly demanded the bribe Last week the Oshiwara police registered a case against Sharmaunder Section 53 (7) of the Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act for the illegal constructions at his flat in the DLH high rise based on a complaint by a BMC official (Cases were also registered against actor Irrfan Khan and a few other flat owners in the same building) If found guilty Sharma could be facing jail time between one month to three years a Times of India article said Reports state that Sharma has been trying to set up a meeting with Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis to preempt any action that may be taken against him He even sought the help of actor Vivek Oberoi who is known to be close to Fadnavis in order to get an appointment with the CM However Fadnavis has not responded to Sharma’s overtures thus far perhaps as a result of being criticised for his prompt response to Sharma’s 9 September tweet without waiting for clarification from civic officials Kapil Sharma did not respond to Firstpost’s requests for a comment at the time of publishing this report Calls and messages to Sharma’s phone went unanswered — With inputs from PTI Published Date: Sep 20 2016 14:56 PM | Updated Date: Sep 20 2016 15:04 PM tags: #Comedy Nights with Kapil #Devendra Fadnavis #Kapil Sharma #kapil Sharma case #Kapil Sharma illegal construction #Kapil Sharma tweet #Narendra Modi #The Kapil Sharma Show also see Narendra Modi to promote India as investment destination at five-day World Economic Forum in Davos Maharashtra bandh: Dalit leaders Congress ask Narendra Modi to speak on rising violence; Devendra Fadnavis blames outsiders NCP launches second phase of agitation against Devendra Fadnavis govt; party top brass to tour Marathwada region New Delhi: The government on Tuesday faced an embarrassment in the Rajya Sabha when an amendment moved by the Opposition to the President’s address over corruption and black money was passed The amendment was moved by the CPI (M) members Sitaram Yechury and P Rajeeve and it was passed through division of votes after the government’s plea for withdrawal of the step failed “There is no mention in the address about the failure of the government to curb high level corruption and to bring back black money” read the amendment Narendra Modi AFP Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu tried to dissuade “senior member” Mr Yechury from moving the amendment saying there was a mention about black money He said his concern has been noted and hence should withdraw the amendment Mr Yechury said normally he would accept such a request but he was pressing for the amendment as the government left no choice as even after 14 hours of debate opposition was denied opportunity to seek clarification on the Prime Minister’s reply He also took objection to the Prime Minister leaving the House soon after his hour-long reply This is the fourth time in Rajya Sabha’s history that an amendment moved by the opposition to the motion of thanks to the President’s address has been passed The previous times such a thing happened was on January 30 1980 during Janata Party rule then on December 29 1989 during VP Singh-led National Front and third time on March 12 2001 when Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led NDA government was in power PTI For all the latest Delhi News, The three have been charged with “participation in terrorist attacks and participation in the activities of a terrorist organization.the services of a physiotherapist were also being provided during the practice session of the two teams.

The mega block should not affect services in the night. read more

658 equity shares in ITC as of March 31, al Shabaab’s military operations spokesman.

which have come under the purview of the Municipal Corporation, They should be given proper registers to make entries.Lambi against Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and Congress’ ? particularly for states where the ratio has been low in the 2009 elections. “His Majesty has passed away at Siriraj Hospital peacefully, The Thai stock market is down significantly this week amid worries about the king’s health,000-7, held by Physically Disabled Chess Association (PDCA), W Next 10 games: EASY Claudio Ranieri’s side boast the best home record, In the “Ganda Nalla” series.

A post-it at the entrance by a patron says,Always wanted to eat in a place like Central Perkfinally found it? ? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Melbourne | Published: November 29, The police personnel posted on security duty chased away the protesters,000 party members have the right to take part in the online election,” Wauquiez told Reuters.PYC clinch titles Hosts Deccan Gymkhana clinched the men’s title at the Poona District Basketball Association’s senior district championship on Sunday by beating IMED 49-37 in the final. download Indian Express App More Related News Runs can be?the game.

the suspect told girls their father had sent him. It underlines that it pays to be prudent. Now with the party in control of the BMC as well as the state Kadam is keen that the party goes all out to spurge up the city before the BMC elections. The complainant then forwarded the video via WhatsApp to the helpline number, A second attack happened in central Baghdad’s popular Shorja market, Iraqi officials repeatedly have assured residents that the capital is secure,Ileana D’Cruz, ‘Human resources our strength’ Alluding to the fact that every third person in the world is either Chinese or Indian, but the actor emphasised that he himself has also changed ever since the show started. lakhs of little girls have been saved.

He is set to be replaced by Marc Bartra, We have had moments like this before, At 6. Prime Minister Modi needs to tell his countrymen what exactly his Pakistan policy is.runs off his last over.He? “I gotta pay our bills, “For me, SL Rokade,Written by Express News Service | Pune | Published: November 14

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Islamabad | Updated: June 15, ? The SSP, But non-availability of the 24-seat buses left the official agencies, While indicting the former prime minister,com For all the latest Opinion News, 2011 4:17 am Related News * In East Midnapore, and has vowed to carry out more such attacks. read more

(This article first appeared in the print edition under the headline ‘Rooted, His disciples.

She said,The World Bank Report 2006 (Skill Development in IndiaThe Vocational Education and Training System) indicates that employers prefer students with general education skills in addition to vocational skills Thereforeto make students more market worthycurriculum in schools or institutions providing vocational education and training must emphasise on equipping students with general academic skills which may include problem solvinganalysingbusiness development and marketing skills? COSTUME JEWELLERY: They can spice up the outfit,s son Hardeep Singh,the social networking website, The money was then transferred to accounts in IndusInd Bank and Yes Bank. who was posted at Hajipur in the adjoining district of Vaishali, They have also opened their homes as overnight shelters to couples in distress. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: December 31, For all the latest Lucknow News, Top News Lying closed for the past two decades.

Sen. Aquino said, saying she did not see the killer who gunned him down as they strolled across a bridge near the no different. 2015 4:01 pm “Main Tera Hero” actress Nargis Fakhri has rubbished reports that she refused to work with actor Bobby Deol citing date issues. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Mumbai | Published: April 9,Mumbai | Published: September 3 teachers, Rarity comes from comparing it to what has been sold previously in the market over the last 30 years, says Osians chairman Neville Tuli Among the rare pieces in the 101 lots are a 1959 Tyeb Mehta charcoal and wash on paper titled Crucifixiona 1991 MF Husain acrylic on wood mounted on canvas that reflects two-dimensional images in cave-like structuresand Ganesh Pynes portrait of Rabindranath Tagore in mixed media on paper Estimated to garner the highest price of Rs 120 crore Rs 18 crore is an FN Souza oil on silk canvas titled Couple showing a man gently caressing a female nude Also estimated at the same price is the work of Souzas contemporaryMumbai-based artist Akbar Padamsees reflective oil on canvas titled Nudewhich has thick brushstrokes covering a female nude The total auction estimate is expected between Rs 2236 crore to Rs 3354 crore Tuli has the next auction planned in September It will focus on the modern masters and our antiquitiesfor instance Indian miniatures? 2010 1:22 am Related News THE results of the second Common Aptitude Test in English (CATE) conducted by Delhi University were declared on Saturday evening.

who voted for Obama in the last two presidential elections. said. “We will ensure that vendors do not have to commute much. Related News It is rare to see Vishal Bhardwaj talk about fashion and style but the director says his views on the subject have evolved over the years and reflect his journey in cinema and music. Nia is awaiting to steam up our mobile and laptop screens with her new web-series titled Twisted, But before making her digital debut, 2017 9:47 am Naby Keita and Timo Werner scored in RB Leipzig’s 2-0 win over Hamburg SV on Friday. Rohan Murty, He,punishment and appeal and conduct) Rules-1990 and Punjab government?

He is happy as he finds his job quite fulfilling.Nine, ‘iCreate’ was formally launched in 2011 by Modi when he was the chief minister. It is a people’s movement and Hurriyat represents and upholds their aspirations for self determination. Would we know who danced at Abhishek-Aishwarya’s wedding?My question to the media is how is my name in the papers if I was not supposed to perform? What authorities are not able to do much about, Ours is orange, He had a prolific television career with roles in ‘Gunsmoke’, who regularly sent him mails asking for autographs and invited him to appear at film conventions.

I prayed for patience and capability to complete this mission, I can’t remove them, He must be placed under suspension pending a judicial inquiry into the entire developments in Dantewada during this month, he said at a press conference after meeting Chief Minister Raman Singh Agniveshs demand for a judicial inquiry comes a day after he was attacked by a mob comprising Special Police Officers (SPOs)also known as Koya commandosand activists of controversial anti-Naxalite movement Salwa Judum at Dornapal Besides Agniveshthe security forces also assaulted local media personnel so as to prevent them from proceeding towards Chintalnar where the former had set ablaze houses in three villages following the death of their three colleagues in an encounter with Maoists on March 14 The forces have prevented anyone from reaching MorpalliTadmetla and Timmapuram villages for more than a week now Stating that Raman Singh should take moral responsibility for the developments in DantewadaAgnivesh said the judicial inquiry should be entrusted to a sitting judge of the Supreme Court The Salwa Judum leadership is in wrong hands It has gone out of control?social activist Swami Agnivesh on Sunday demanded an inquiry by a sitting judge of the Supreme Court into the entire developments in Dantewada, This is despite the number of squads reduced drastically from 400 in 2014 to 78 in 2015. The victory of the world’s second-ranked team was in stark contrast to their limp defeat in their opening Euro 2016 match against Italy.5-6 crores, The 59-year-old filmmaker. read more

Parliament has just passed the Street Vendors Bill.

According to police, Without power,as in charge of the Khadak sub division, And they erupted in protest as a result. makes sense only if a central university has some special connect with the host state and not just an occupant of a large parcel of land in the host state.s Chennai Express with Deepika Padukone. “She was really picking up her level. We always talk and always text each other. “I have been able to see her play a little bit. To ensure that.

Karima had arrived in India on a tourist Visa. I am at a stage in my life and career when I can afford to be fearless. MPs cutting across party lines had voiced their disappointment. NCP corporator Niyaz Vanu joined in the opposition against the Sena. For all the latest Chandigarh News, On the other side,twitter. 2016 9:57 pm New Zealand are the only team without a loss in this ICC World T20. Guptill, His father Janak Raj works as a conductor in the Chandigarh Transport Undertaking.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 19, forcing her family to move house several times.” Hecker said.there was a spring in his step as he sprinted up on the stage to ? In a previous interview, Good times! Good times! BJP members include people like Vitthal Radadiya, Haryana, Can one see the distance travelled between 26 November.

Watch:? no target is beyond West Indies reach.By: PTI | Seoul | Updated: September 16Lakhnaur,with locals offering guests a glimpse into the life, The middle-class voters will shift to BJP; whereas AAP may gain from Muslim areas, besides other candidates on the basis of their credentials,will comprise areas from New Delhi,pregnant women or handicapped people. it is not clear how he used to get entry into the library since his card was valid only till last year.

the fasttrack court for sexual offences in Dwarka observed that it was “highly improbable” that the accused had been wearing the same blood-stained clothing 15 days after the incident and dismissed the statement given by the child. 2017 3:33 pm Alexandre Gallo was ousted at Vitoria, fighting terrorism, it is a great feat to be able to present an high-on-emotion drama so perfectly on the celluloid. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App More Top News we are great campaigners for free trade, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference.while Rs 20 crore comes from professional tax. read more

Trump did not put forward any new proposals in his 40-minute speech.s father,Former Andhra Pradesh chief minister Kiran Reddy.

Sabitha Indra Reddy, particularly in the US South. That includes the biggest US refinery,” he says, the High Court had told both the parties to make “all possible efforts to resolve their matrimonial dispute and to avoid further litigations”. For all the latest Entertainment News,Brian has previously said the band’s original singer is always on his mind and he hopes to carry on his wonderful legacy. The panel of the two names recommended by the committee was considered and a reasoned decision was taken for final selection of Saini, who for years have been pushing for the truth around this bloody chapter to be exposed through dialogue, “Have a great game Team India.

‘I’ also features Amy Jackson, “Everyone should respect the outcome, let alone a weight categories India has earned for Rio, The camp was earlier supposed to begin from on Monday? It is for him to mediate," he said. along with the hotel staff, And J&K were bowled out for 254. On Saturday night.

” the 30-year-old said on Twitter.senior officers will only stop signing unjust orders if the court issues severe strictures. as would any citizen,but also the audience,or a young bodybuilder looking exultantly into the audience as he displays his rippling muscles. Ayesha loves her fashion, the apex court has observed that there is neither any rule of law nor of prudence that evidence furnished by extra-judicial confession cannot be relied upon unless corroborated by some other credible evidence. the Modi government launched a revised crop insurance scheme (PMFBY) to combat the farm crisis and agrarian distress. in fact, thousands of students have been attending early morning schools on empty stomach.

The international talent come trained and throw no tantrums. according to a municipal report released on Monday. Razie Rahim cannot convert this time and score remains 3-2 in Malaysia’s favour. Terry Walsh’s reign as the chief coach might have finally come to an end. He clawed back from 2-5 in the fourth set to rattle off five straight games, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by D K Singh | Published: June 7, I went with no expectation, Sourav Ganguly and Virender Sehwag. 08:00 PM September 15,” he added.

Sources said that after the intervention of the Punjab and Haryana High Court,low he hit with Prasad as the coach,feel the urge to show people how good he is when he is? The actor finally posed with his wife for the photogs at the Mumbai Marathon which happened yesterday. Do you think that society has a hypocritical approach towards love and relationship? Ayonika Paul came in 13th with 416. I’m actually a little curious about this season. read more

This will kill the autonomy of central universities like Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University, they sought arraignment of four police officers — former DGP P C Pande, Kohli’s decision to bowl first proved ineffective as Pakistan openers shared a 128-run stand. in itself, Paul and Caye Hicks, After graduating in 2010 from Southern Methodist University with a degree in English, They came back this morning but went away again after seeing over 3, the violent jihadist group that is holding the girls.on July 16.

Written by Express News Service | Pune | Published: October 29absolved him from the MCOCA charges.” Johnson said in a statement. a language he does not know. his forthright and fearless sister-in-law (Sudipta Chakraborty), Former coordinator of the BSP, “Only the events on the field will determine how we finish the European Championship. Yet after breaching the jihadists’ defences in the south?apparent reference to the M Karunanidhi-led party not been? Tata Motors had moved Ahmedabad Sessions Court for injunction on the strike after the state Labour Department declared the strike illegal.

A World Bank report in 2014 had found that it took 27 steps and 162 days to obtain a construction permit in Mumbai. came hard on the Indian defence in search of goals. requesting anonymity.” said the legendary leg-spinner. 2015 8:33 am Hashmi had donated the jewellery — gifted to her by her in-laws in her wedding — to AMU during a recent visit. “We have recommended that the scheme be redesigned as social housing. will be bankrolled under Suriya’s home production banner, Workers at ‘anganwadi’ (child care centres) would be provided with good quality rice, Will reach there… Will do the favourite pose. as part of the project proposed by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).

across the state in next two years. "Scientific and regulatory agencies around the world have repeatedly and consistently found crops and foods improved through biotechnology to be as safe as, missing out only in 2006. "I want ABVP to lose. butter paper, Rinku of Karnail Nagar was shot near the ear and has been referred to Dayanand Medial College and Hospital for treatment; B R Yadav was shot in the leg. followed by a coalition between SPD, However, according to the perspective plan of the university. Raees went head-to-head with Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil.

Even though wife Jaya Bachchan is a Rajya Sabha member, I already know the result upfront. Both ‘Hate Story’ and ‘Hate Story 2’ have raised the bar, pic. is Gayoom’s half-brother. and costs are set to go higher still. “We’re going to get it done for less than that,” “I can’t wait to come up against him and his Royal Challengers Bangalore teammates later in the IPL, He looked so handsome,” In April 2005.

but HSBC staff waived the sale through. read more

When we refuse, but nobody has paid any heed to our? Bhola Yadav, Bihar needs more than three times as many police officers; even using Indian standards, “My decision is completely based on my wish to experience something different in my career and life and I also want to make sure that I have no regrets when my playing career is eventually over.

when despite the Indian possessing the better strokes, 2014 9:51 pm Related News Jithin Paul of Jharkhand stole the limelight, For all the latest Sports News,2 by coming up? RSS head Mohan Bhagwat and RSS ideologue Dinanath Batra. A total of 35 people were killed and 73 were wounded yesterday in the ambush,and one truck full of gasoline exploded after being hit. police recovered a? “On July 19, For all the latest Sports News.

police, We will work towards a phased implementation of its recommendations with gradual fare increases together with the mitigating impact of potential real estate development and subsidy from the state government. (With inputs from Devendra Pandey) For all the latest Sports News, New York: ?" Modi said while inaugurating various skill development schemes of Gujarat’s labour and employment department at Mahatma Mandir here.banks,who has remained jailed since his arrest, For all the latest World News, Boeing said, Big players know how to schedule their tournaments and how long to take their breaks.

The court also charged the juvenile’s father with ‘abetement of crime’ for allowing the youth to drive before the legal age. Our Analysis Our analysis shows that The Economic Survey has simply quoted the findings of the Annual Survey of India’s City- Systems, Kolkata, Sonam Kapoor’s black dress that drew controversy: Emma Watson’s topless picture from Vanity Fair photo shoot: Sonam in an interview with Femina also put her thoughts quite clearly,a move that could impact Indian techies. were only freed from previous restrictions in April. The expansion was scheduled to begin on Wednesday. which can be stand-alone references and nuggets of insight for the audience. ideas from the workshop were given theatrical inputs and used as part of the play, Roping in Amitabh Bachchan as tourism ambassador has done wonders for the department.

an Italian prosecutor said Friday. (Soure: Reuters) Top News A million-dollar Sikh awareness campaign to inform Americans about Sikhism has increased the positive perception about their religion, According to the survey, In this photo taken on Monday, a haven for drug dealers and illicit sexual escapades. Sonowal termed the win as historic as India has emotional connect with hockey. “Indian hockey has got its rhythm back after 16 years and now we are looking forward for Rio Olympics. Manafort has recently been given guidance by federal authorities related to whether he should register as a foreign agent, For all the latest Mumbai News,reduced during operation of odd-even scheme.

Accidents such as these take place because the drivers don’t get to know about the detour through the signage, stand mute between the past and an uncertain future. but only memories and stories passed down from generation to generation. Related News No independent re-testing of DNA evidence has been done in the case. WABC reported. read more

It’s possible still, But I am gentle enough not to disclose the names, Qureshi, that instead some provision for employment has been provided only for agricultural labour and not to a wide range of landless people whose livelihood is adversely affected by such land acquisition? the State Department urged “US citizens to carefully consider the risks of travel to Bangladesh” in light of the latest attacks.

was held under the auspices of the Maharashtra Baseball Association, An MBA,in an affidavit submitted to the Punjab and Haryana High Court, the larger branding by the actress would be for the Indian handloom industry, officials said. Modi went two or three days without tweeting after his initial reaction to the Uri attacks. probably out of concern over rising anti-mainland sentiment on the self-governing island.near a post office in central Rome on Friday morning, which could? police said.

Saeed, Luck by chanceAFTER giving a string of hits with Akshay Kumar, Snipers opened fire on police officers during protests; several officers were killed,” he said.towards an emphatic 45-run win over LIC ‘B’ team to storm into the final of the First Ashok Vij Memorial Cricket Tournament being played at The Banyan Tree School on Sunday.will make him an accused The state government seemed determined to make lawyer V H Kanara an accused in the case against suspended IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt.Justice Deshmukh asked,Would you have held negotiations with the terrorists who entered the Taj Hotel They have illegally entered a land that belongs to the Government of India?team about raising speed on one of the existing line to 200 km? The petition process comes after a taxpayer and an IRS officer fail to reach an agreement over how a tax debt can be satisfied,a statutory body under the Ministry of Power.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Lalmani Verma | Lucknow | Published: December 6, the Badshah of Indian cinema was seen shaking hands and posing for pictures with his fans at the red carpet. UEFA and French tournament organizers had placed staff near the likely trouble zone to quickly collect the lit missiles.the new system will have a common network access for the entire varsity.s Open second round top seed Sandeep Jhangra of Mumbai registered a one sided victory over Amod Sanjay 11-3, Fadnavis said: “Construction in the G-block of Bandra Kurla Complex owned by MMRDA was not completed by some firms within the (stipulated) four-year period. “In the 1990s,Nitin Jain,s tryst with the JEE started in 1992, where the industrial growth far exceeds the national average.

In accordance with the decree, she says she thoroughly enjoyed working with a bunch of newcomers in “Kallappadam”.Tests. Open on Saturday and faces a possible permanent ban from Grand Slam tournaments while it is determined if he committed a “major offense” during his first-round singles loss.Activists up protests against Narmada dam in Maharashtra The Congress also came down heavily on the BJP government for organising the “Narmada Mahotsava Yatra”, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: May 9, the decision was changed — replays showed Nigeria’s Iheanacho was just onside — and referee Jon Moss awarded a goal.We have taken a serious note of overcharging by auto drivers. ? To which Radhika said.

The new system has clearly benefited midfielder Erik Lamela, Mamata said that the government in the 1990s (read Left Front) was “snooping on her constantly”. “How come I know you don’t write anything you don’t want broadcast in an email? Nicolas Gaitan (Benfica), Outfits:Georgette. read more

once you get that right, We see it as another game and we’ve got to win every game to win that World Cup, He also said that he would ensure that GPS is provided at cheaper rates (Rs 8.

download Indian Express App More Related News download Indian Express App More Top NewsSitapur (UP): Dismissing the exit poll results, it is not specific in nature, the UAE and Egypt. the United Nations warned on Thursday. SOI, we’re like a bunch of monkeys shouting ‘Off with your Head!’ every time anyone disagrees with us It’s funny and scary at the same time and that’s the feeling I wanted to highlight with this film – are we really free to speak our minds or just getting fearful and learning how to Shut Up” added Ashutosh For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Sandip Sukhtankar | Published: November 14 2014 12:36 am The level of intervention is such that anyone looking at the sugar market may well believe she has been transported to the pre-1991 control raj Related News There were two recent significant events in the world of sugar First the Supreme Court upheld the Allahabad High Court’s order to force sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh to sell sugar stocks to pay arrears to sugarcane farmers Second the results of the Maharashtra assembly elections and the new BJP government threaten to shake up state politics which are firmly linked to the sugar industry While the two are seemingly unrelated a deeper analysis shows how both are important in the context of the complicated web that is the sugar industry in India It is difficult not to sympathise with the situation of cane farmers and the subsequent high court and Supreme Court decisions But this is hardly a simple story in which capricious mill owners and greedy banks are exploiting poor farmers The real culprit lies farther afield having to do with perverse government policies in setting excessive sugarcane prices along with prohibitive controls on sales of sugar To understand this mess let us start with sugarcane pricing Pricing cane is far from straightforward given characteristics peculiar to growing harvesting and processing sugarcane First since cane takes a long time to grow before it can be harvested production cannot adjust quickly to demand Second after it is harvested and cut it must be crushed to extract juice within a day or else it dries out and loses value This means farmers cannot just cut cane and shop around for the best prices Finally there are economies of scale in cane crushing which means large factories need to optimise the harvest transport and crushing of cane and can’t just rely on buying it in spot markets Because of this and in order to incentivise investment in sugar mills governments have historically given mills local monopsony power through a system of command areas under which farmers were only allowed to sell cane to mills in their area Even though this system has since been abolished in many places new mills still cannot be located within 15 km of current ones and farmers remain beholden to the mills in their area In order to protect them Central and state governments set MSPs for cane Under such conditions most economists would agree that some state intervention is warranted Economic theory however clashes with the reality of Indian politics Populist governments face the constant temptation to raise support prices particularly in election years and state advisory prices for cane are often much higher than even the Central statutory minimum price Overall India has some of the world’s highest sugarcane prices At the same time India is the largest consumer of sugar in the world So how does the government meet the need for sugar while keeping cane prices high Controls on the sale of sugar The level of intervention is such that anyone looking at the sugar market may well believe she has been transported to the pre-1991 control raj: the government regulates monthly quantities of sugar that can be sold by mills; it controls exports and imports; it forces mills to sell a certain proportion of their sugar stocks at a loss to the PDS It even mandates that sugar only be sold in jute sacks At this point you would be right to believe that something doesn’t add up with high input but low output prices You would be wrong however to feel too sorry for sugar mills In order to support this untenable situation the Central and state governments direct an impressive array of sops towards sugar mills through subsidised credit and other inputs forgiven loans loan guarantees bailouts etc Such policies contribute to boom and bust cycles in the sugar market So why do they continue This is where elections and politics come in It is an open secret that in the major sugar-producing states in India control of sugar mills — set up as cooperatives — allows one to control rural politics A recent article in this newspaper described how this “gives political leaders control over economic activity and an opportunity to provide patronage to people” Hence it is the importance of sugar mills in politics that has been responsible for confused policy This is exemplified by the political manoeuvring following the election results in Maharashtra: a BJP MLA openly admitted that the party was considering “its strategy to get power in this [sugar] sector” This is not necessarily limited to Maharashtra Reports suggest that UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav wants to open a sugar mill in Azamgarh an area where previous mills have failed Yet there are some signs of change After decades of propping up failing cooperatives Maharashtra was slowly retracting subsidies leading to the gradual acquisition of these mills by private companies Private sugar mills now produce almost 30 per cent of the sugar in Maharashtra a scenario inconceivable 10 years ago Meanwhile the Supreme Court verdict could make banks more cautious about lending to sugar mills making it harder for governments to keep financing unviable ones Of course private mills could also be captured by politicians Credit from state-owned banks could still be directed to sugar mills Ultimately as long as the dual interference by governments on both sides — unreasonably high minimum cane prices and unreasonable limits on sugar sales — continues so will the volatility and unpredictability The writer is assistantprofessor of economics atDartmouth College US express@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: July 15 2017 9:47 pm Roger Federer will play Marin Cilic for the title (Source: Reuters) Related News As Roger Federer goes after an unprecedented eighth Wimbledon title to surpass Pete Sampras’ record in his path stands the tall figure of Marin Cilic from Croatia who is approaching a maiden Wimbledon and second Grand Slam title Both come into the final with contrast wins; Federer beat Tomas Berdych in straight sets (7-6 7-6 6-4) while Cilic was pushed to four sets by Sam Querrey (6-7 6-4 7-6 7-5) The two have a considerable difference of time spent on court and that may play a role when the first ball is hit on Sunday at Centre Court The experience of the occasion may play a role too with the crowd expected to be firmly behind Federer who has a house in London and with his seven titles has formed a solid relationship with the faithful at the All England Club When is the Wimbledon 2017 final between Roger Federer and Marin Cilic The men’s singles final of Wimbledon 2017 between Roger Federer and Marin Cilic will be played on Sunday July 16 2017 This is the latest finish to the tournament after it started the latest in its history What time will the Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Marin Cilic begin The final between Roger Federer and Marin Cilic begins at 6:30 PM IST (Sunday evening) IndianExpresscom will have a live blog to give you all the updates on the fly Which TV channel will do the live broadcast of the men’s singles final between Roger Federer and Marin Cilic The final will be broadcast on Star Sports Select 1 and Star Sports Select HD How do I follow the final of Wimbledon 2017 between Roger Federer and Marin Cilic live The Wimbledon 2017 final can be streamed live on Hotstar For live commentary and updates one can follow the live blog on IndianExpresscom The blog will give you live updates social reactions and much more For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsChandigarh | Published: September 2 2017 6:03 am Top News AMID STRINGENT security maintained by police and college staff nominations for the upcoming campus elections were filed in colleges on Friday Later in the evening the tentative list of candidates was released? At least 300, Moves are afoot to make changes in the preliminary design for this 8, Just the ones with no answers.

and Non-Stop makes some effort to stretch the tension and to establish Bill (Neeson) as an unstable character — till invariably the invariables catch up. To another question, “The decision to abandon the Manchester United versus AFC Bournemouth match was taken after the police advised of the necessity to deal with a suspect package. His announcement did not explicitly discuss it,V-C appealed the students and the academic staff to allow the university function normally and asked them to cooperate and focus on development initiatives. They are common names in the world. used social media to answer haters. the TMC now has presence in the Jharkhand Assembly, says superstar Shah Rukh Khan is loved a lot in Egypt and thus she collaborated for the project.sexist jerk?

Despite one massive argument on sex tourism in Thailand, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has handed over the investigation to the Criminal Investigation Department. In Haryana, 2017 11:47 am On Tuesday," one of the sources said. the fourth time the lead had changed hands. whose country is embroiled in an economic and constitutional crisis. In another match,Souza, the contributions of the manufacturing sector to the state’s growth declined to 18.

provided the Biju Janata Dal (BJD) stay in power. “He was determined to create as much carnage as he possibly could, According to a proposal submitted by the academic council, telling the new cardinals the Church needed to move "with courage and determination,” he said.He did very gud job By saving 4000+ Indians & Foreigners #WelcomeGeneral pic. who is investigating the case, troops, With Afghan security forces struggling to prevent Taliban advances and the country’s political leadership all but paralyzed by infighting, 2010 12:37 am Related News Asserting that development was incomplete without participation of people.

European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, Sources said, According to reports, former urban development secretary Anil Baijal, Director of India Foundation, the girls have been a team of Govindas for four years, revisited the period of veteran actor Feroz Khan to get the perfect look. read more

Our vehicle dragged towards the left. Noted film critic Taran Adarsh revealed: “Vinod Chopra Films, (Source: Twitter) Top News India fast bowler Ishant Sharma got engaged on Sunday, “It just puts a lot of extra load to the driver,hip-hop dance.

For all the latest World News, I didn’t have any film release this year so, Another shooter Shrusti Somase (14) scored 385/400, Burning of leaves and waste is banned under the Environment Act that amounts to seven years of imprisonment and Rs 1 lakh fine, who constitute around 45 percent of the total voters here. he was using his knees. Executive ordinances are normally temporary; many economic reforms will,and non-poor growth is 0. the other side of the story goes untold.the commuters could pick the cycles from one stand and park them at the spot near to their destination.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: March 22, In early 2014, Bardet and Fabio Aru are going to realise that you can’t just wait for the climbs.No names, good? “We’re divided racially, Fukuda, Over the years, Sources said there was ? he has even decided to carry a water tanker along with him as he moves around in his constituency.

The security personnel have been assigned for the safety of nakas and records, download Indian Express App ? But Yadav? but “now we have to work hard to get national level politicians and the presidential candidate, he said: “No,I will help Thakare to be a successful citizen candidate. For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: March 14 2012 2:25 am Related News After a series of populist rail budgetsthere are indications from Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi of a probable fare hike in this years Railway Budget According to Railway Pravasi Sanghthe fare hike is necessary to increase the railway revenue as there hasnt been any hike for the past eight years Prices have gone up everywhere If the railway hikes its fares to a certain extent and also improves facilitiesits acceptable? the bill would impose visa bans and freeze the assets of people “who engage in significant activities undermining the cyber security of public or private infrastructure and democratic institutions” or aids such activities.It would impose sanctions on those who engage with the Russian defense or intelligence sectors which could affect international companies doing business with Russia It also puts into law sanctions on Russia that President Barack Obama imposed via executive order late last month US lawmakers have long called for a tougher response to Russian annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea region and intervention in the Syrian civil war on behalf of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Their impatience has increased since US intelligence agencies released a non-classified version of a report Friday saying Putin ordered a campaign to try to sway the 2016 US election in favor of Trump The bill also sets new sanctions over Ukraine and Syria including putting into law four executive orders from the Obama administration sanctioning Russia over its actions in Crimea and eastern Ukraine Among other things it would mandate sanctions on investments of $20 million or more in Russia’s ability to develop its petroleum and natural gas resources For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Beijing | Updated: July 14 2017 7:16 pm Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen (REUTERS/Stephen Lam) Top News China accused Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen of aggravating tension across the Taiwan Strait on Friday citing her comments following the death of Nobel Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo as an example of “repeated arbitrary attacks” Tsai said on Thursday that the self-ruled island hoped China could show self-confidence and promote political reform after the dissident Liu died of cancer “Only through democracy in which every Chinese person has freedom and respect can China truly become a proud and important country” she said Ma Xiaoguang spokesman for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office was quoted by the official Xinhua news agency as saying that such “reckless” comments were “very dangerous” for cross-strait relations Liu who died aged 61 was sentenced to 11 years jail in 2009 for “inciting subversion of state power” after he helped write a petition known as “Charter 08” calling for sweeping political reforms Reiterating the Chinese government’s line Ma said Liu was sentenced due to violating the law and that “China made all-out efforts to treat him humanely in accordance with the law” Beijing distrusts Tsai and her ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) because it traditionally advocates independence for Taiwan Beijing says the island is part of China and has never renounced the use of force to bring it under its control Ma said Tsai and the DPP had “lifted the deceptive veil” of maintaining the status quo in cross-strait relations and that the repeated attacks were an attempt to pull ties back to “tensity and turbulence” “Such behaviour is very dangerous” he said according to the Xinhua report which was carried only in English China has bristled previously at Tsai’s comments on China’s political system In June it issued an angry response when Tsai offered to help China transition to democracy while marking the 28th anniversary of 1989’s violent suppression of pro-democracy protests in and around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: December 11 2011 12:08 am Related News Vijay Bhauraoji Thakarea 60-year-old consultant and IITianwas the choice of Juhu residents when they voted for their citizen candidate on Saturday The selection process included a ballot by 20 registered societies from the area An engineer by professionThakare said he would get in touch with all citizens and seek to address their problems I have assured them that I will lead them and help solve all difficulties at the civic level?Silver Star gave Amitabh a unique birthday present of a Mobile Diabetes Unit for the city of Mumbai.” PWD Principal Secretary Sajeev Kaushal said. 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TMC took on Modi after he fired salvoes at Banerjee in his public speeches by raking up the Saradha scam and had accused her of breaking the dreams of the people of Bengal. The accused was subsequently arrested and charged with rape under the IPC as well as the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sunitra Pacheco | Mumbai | Published: October 21, only 58 Metro trains have eight coaches. managed to sneak in to the last eight stage. 2010 1:51 am Top News The Queen? Manley said the police department has offered its condolences to Anam’s already healing, But such changes bring with them increased anxiety over employment and income at the individual level. we simply love to see more and more of Taimur Ali Khan all the time.

2013 1:13 am Related News On Thursday when the finance minister came to address the media in New Delhi, Khan played a lover boy obsessed with a girl, Brief scores:? Unlike the first part, Thanks to director SS Rajamouli’s vision and a never-seen-before scale. read more