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first_imgRenewable energy is also important for the country and portsand most marine related activities continue, although somewhat reduced. Someoffshore wind construction schemes have also been impacted as have somescheduled wind farm maintenance routines but this appears to be quite shortterm. Sea News Feature, April 10 Employee Absence Chemicals for manufacturing are slowing although not foressential industries. Other liquid bulks such as orange juice have remainedplentiful across Europe and separately in terms of port activity, some tankerowners are talking to certain ports about ship layups and storage. Containers The British Ports Association looks at how ports are keeping the UKsupplied in difficult circumstances Finally, one cargo that has grown substantially is finishedtoilet rolls and some ports have reported a 400% increase in this cargoarriving in short-sea container form the Netherlands. Also, refrigerated unitscarrying products such as bananas have increased at a healthy level althoughacross the globe the reefer containers themselves are somewhat in short supplyas many are being used for storage. Those across Government are of course doing their best toprotect the country’s population from both the health risks and potentialnegative economic impacts. There will be many competing requests and pleas fromindustry but the needs of ports need to be heard. To come through thesechallenges we will need to keep the country supplied and maintain oursignificant volumes of internal trade and this means ensuring the portsindustry survives in tact. Dry Bulks Fishing The British Ports Association represents over 100 members,who own and operate around 400 terminals and facilities, accounting for 86% ofport tonnages and 85% of all vessel calls. We also represent all the UK’spassenger ports and all the main energy gateways, the top 20 fishing ports andan extensive network of ports and harbours that facilitate over one millionleisure craft and yachts. Unlike some other industries, most ports are unable to dropall their tools, close their gates, or lay up ships. Even reducing services isdifficult for port businesses as have many fixed costs and while some canfurlough staff, many port functions must continue. Even when shipping andmaritime activities reduce dramatically, ports must ensure all services aremaintained, such as managing marine operations, keeping channels dredged andquays manned, often with a full suite of staff. Presently are not only seeing asubstantial impact on their customer activity and a reduction in theirworkforce but facing requests for ‘rent holidays, from tenants and a reductionin harbour and cargo dues from port users. This means those in power do need toprovide additional support and resources to ports. In terms of recreational sailing and yachting, theGovernment’s lockdown has in the words of many members wiped a key part of thesummer season and particularly impacted on ports and harbours that rely onvisitor income. We understand that all marinas are now all closed. Liquid Bulks As well as industry, we understand this is a challengingtime for individuals, who may be facing the detrimental impacts of enforcedisolation or with unwell family members, and we offer our deepest sympathies tothose affected. “Ports and their workers, who are keeping imports offoods, essential products, energy and fuel coming into the country during thecurrent coronavirus situation are unsung heros. We have a wide variety of portsacross the UK that facilitate a range of activities, including trade, energyprovision and tourism. They also provide important hubs of economic activityand jobs in often deprived coastal communities. In terms of cars and automotives, the closure of vehiclemanufacturing plants in Britain and Europe has seen a dramatic decline infinished trade car imports/exports. This has also impacted Ro-Ro and containerfreight demand for components and materials. The initial impact of coronavirus on the UK passenger ferrynetwork was substantial. Many ferry operators are now reducing passengercapacity and the numbers of sailings (and indeed in some parts routes) inresponse to the shut-down of passenger movements and economic activity. Therewas a brief short spike in ‘reparation’ type passenger activities but now thishas gone many ships have reduced onboard services and catering etc. The health of the shipping industry and the wider economy isinherently linked to the prosperity of a port and we support wider economicmeasures to ensure stability. However, global trade and global maritime trafficflows are inextricably linked, and UK ports perform a critical role for importers,exporters and intra-UK supply chains, so government must ensure there aremeasures in place to ensure ports can continue to play a key role infacilitating UK supply chains, and keeping supermarket shelves stocked, butalso in the UK’s economic recovery from this crisis. The British Ports Association is involved in variousdiscussions with government and on a range industry calls regarding the impactof the pandemic, as well as being in constant communication with members.Although currently there are no publicly available ‘real-time’ statistics, theBPA’s Policy & Economic Analyst, Phoebe Warneford-Thomson has beenassessing the impacts and she has prepared a snapshot of activity below. Thisincludes analysis of the current situation, and some detail on each sectorwithin our industry. In particular, decisions made by the housebuilding sector tocease construction activities are likely to have an impact on port throughputsand indeed some ports have been asked to store cargos until activity resumes.Biomass remains stable although we have seen various operational challenges forports who handle this cargo in acquiring PPE (such as face masks) for theirstaff to deal safely with dusty cargos. One shipping company said there hadbeen a lag on steel and metal handling, and while the materials for the canningof foods is in high demand, generally these cargos are expected to slow alongwith other traffic. Ports like other organisations and businesses performing criticalroles in the country need PPE and testing capabilities to keep theirworkforce’s resilient. Many operators in our ports industry will also need toaccess assistance from the Government’s financial support schemes and thisassistance could be needed well after the lockdown finishes. With peoplesuffering in hospitals and self isolating to protect those most at risk itseems insensitive to say that the lockdown, oil prices and impacts on shippingand maritime markets will leave the economy in a critical condition. After the initial much-publicised deep-sea container trafficslowdown in February and March (which largely import driven) saw a reduction inthroughputs of between 25% – 30% in early March following the effectiveshutdown in Chinese manufacturing and exporting. However with the Chineseeconomy fully active again there appears to be an abundance of traffic beingshipped from Asia to Europe which will start to arrive in the coming weeks.center_img However, notable cargo that has flourished is the paper pulp which has been in high demand for the toilet roll and tissue manufacturers. Some ports have reported record quantities although there remain questions as to how agile the timber and pulp producers will be at sustaining this increase in demand, especially given potential consumer stockpiling. The total impact of this pandemic is yet to be seen, butports are already under intense pressure, from both a downturn in customeractivity, as well as pressure to offer rent holidays and reduce harbour dues.What can be seen already in the early figures is that international trade andEU markets activity has declined significantly. Data recently released forJanuary, showing exports down by 3.2% to EU markets and by 7.8% to the rest ofthe world. Though, only when the crisis is over will the figures reveal thetrue extent of harm caused to industry. Shipping specialists have howeverforecast a 20% reduction in world trade in the first quarter of 2020 and sixmillion few globs container movements in the same period. Many of these ports are limiting the numbers of staff neededon site, some taking advantage of furloughing. But still a significant amountof the 115,000 people who are employed in the ports industry need PPE andtesting capabilities, and operators will need some type of help and flexibilityfrom exiting lenders to ensure they remain liquid. The ports are however stillopen and keeping us supplied, but let’s make sure this doesn’t change.” (Image Courtesy: Port of Dover) Perhaps the sector that has seen the most dramatic impacthas been the cruise industry. Practically all cruise sailings and port callsare cancelled until the end of May at the earliest. Some ports are now talkingto cruise operators about calls in the late summer and the early autumn, but itwould appear there could be quite a lasting impact on consumer bookings,particularly for the largest cruise ships. However, some ports have at leastmanaged to gain some business from cruise operators from layups in their ports. The Key Workers across the UK include those in the ports,shipping and logistics industries who are literally ensuring the nation is fedand supplied, and helping us overcome Covid-19. However to continue to do this,UK ports do need some assistance from policy makers. Generally, most dry bulk cargos were holding up well untilthe Government’s lockdown announcement. At least however agricultural productsand animal feeds, which following a slow start to the year, potentially shouldremain fairly constant in the coming weeks as farming and food productioncontinues (although there are regional and season-related variations). As withRo-Ro sector, however, following the government announcements demand is fallingother trades such as timber are beginning to slow. Impacts on Ports – asnapshot The Chief Executive of the British Ports Association, Richard Ballantyne, writes about how the ports industry is performing and the things it needs from Government to continue to keep the country supplied throughout the Covid-19 outbreak…. Recreation andTourism Ferry and Roll-onRoll-off (Ro-Ro) freight Some Ro-Ro operators have at least seen relatively healthyfreight volumes, particularly with fresh, produce, foods, medical, cleaningproducts and other grocery supplies. However, since the government’s lockdownannouncement, Ro-Ro freight volumes have been declining as demand from nonessential business and shops decreases. Indeed for some port operators, thishas resulted in storage opportunities and/or headaches. Offshore energy The decline in the oil price continues to disrupt thesector. Many offshore oil and gas companies have ceased extraction activitymeaning some port cargo and support activities are falling substantially howevercertain ports who accommodate rigs and offshore support vessels have seenvarying increases in inactivity. How long this will continue is unclear. Port employees are work hard and keeping our gateways open.Following the Government’s recent advice about isolation, there was predictablya general increase in port employee absence rates as people followed nationaladvice. The initial spike has calmed somewhat and port operators this week werereporting modest levels of absence rates, still largely for peopleself-isolating although some who were unfortunately suffering from Coronavirus. There are now concerns in the European container sector thatwith the shutdown of UK and our neighbouring economies and the dramatic dropoff in demand for non-essential products, much of this cargo could be held up.Some operators are concerned about increasing box dwell times and congestionwith containers potentially needed to be stored at ports, warehouse, logisticsparks until the lockdown finishes. Another sector that has taken a hit is the fishing industry.While some white seafood catches remain healthy many ports with smaller fleetsand landings that are exported to Europe have seen a dramatic slowdown inactivity. Generally, seafood prices have fallen substantially and this hasdiscouraged many fishermen from taking boats out. Many smaller operators havetaken advantage of the government’s support for self-employed workers and thefurloughing staff. This has seem major declines in revenue for the ports andmany operators are in real trouble. Despite some suggestions from short-sea operators who havesaid they have plenty of capacity, it would appear as though diverted containertraffic and short sea shipping solutions either from container or Ro-Ro optionsare not likely or feasible. Shipping and CustomerActivity This sector and in particular and oil and petroleum cargoshave seen the substantial impact in deflated oil price and a substantialreduction in industry and consumer demand in fuel. This is also leading tostorage demand for certain fuels such as aviation jet fuel. Author: Baibhav Mishralast_img read more

first_imgVaunix Technology Corporation, a manufacturer of USB controlled and powered test equipment, has announced a new optional feature for their LMS Signal Generator line. The LMS Sweep Trigger enables the user to synchronize linear frequency sweep functionality with other lab test instruments. The Lab Brick LMS series of USB-compatible, synthesized signal generators features low noise, fast 100-microsecond switching time, and fine 100 Hz frequency resolution, requiring no additional DC supply. Advanced features are phase-continuous linear-frequency sweeping; selectable internal/external 10 MHz reference; optional pulse modulation; ability for GUI software to track and control several connected signal generators, simplifying multiple-signal test setups; and device storage of settings in internal memory, allowing power-up in a specific instrument state. Construction is robust aluminum. Click to browse the Signal Generators from Vaunix on everything RF.last_img read more

first_img“We expect an improvement in the performance of these sectors during the second semester of the year, with our gradual reopening of the economy, as well as our proposed stimulus measures,” he added. Based on the report of Philippine Statistics Authority on Thursday, the Philippine economy shrank by 16.5 percent in April-June, which is the country’s worst performance on record based on the available data since 1981. The country’s economy shrank by 16.5 percent in April-June from the same period last year – the biggest slump in the government’s quarterly GDP data dating back to 1981, the Philippine Statistics Authority said on Thursday. Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque, however, remained optimistic that the country can recover soon. He pointed out that COVID-19 also has adverse economic impact on countries like Singapore, Indonesia, United States, France, Spain and Mexico. “Panimula pa lang naman po ito because they had a very limited period of time given to them by the President, [which was] 30 days,” Roque said Tuesday. “Magpapatuloy pa po ang imbestigasyon ng DOJ at ng Ombudsman.”/PN Among the economic recovery programs of the administration were the Philippine Program for Recovery with Equity and Solidarity to fight the pandemic’s effects on business and livelihood and the restarted Build, Build, Build programs. “The main contributors in our drop were the decline in manufacturing, construction, and transportation and storage – sectors that were greatly affected by our strict lockdown,” Roque said. “Our resolve to recover at the soonest possible remains strong,” Roque said. “The economic managers of the Administration have put together a phased and adaptive economic recovery program to create jobs.” The Palace has also urged Congress to fast track the passage of Bayanihan II, or the Bayanihan to Recover As One, as well as the Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives for Enterprises or CREATE Act to help businesses recover and generate employment for our people. MANILA – The full weight of lockdowns due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic pushed Philippine’s economy to plunge by much more than expected in the second quarter, falling into recession for the first time in 29 years, according to Malacañang.   A “technical recession” is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative GDP but is mainly caused by an isolated event – in this case a pandemic – rather than an underlying economic problem./PNlast_img read more

first_img707 Pan Clipper Pan Am biasa menawarkan makanan berkualitas restoran yang disajikan langsung oleh koki di pesawat dalam penerbangan Trans-Atlantik mereka. Foto: Getty Images Tren vintage kini terus dipertahankan oleh beberapa maskapai besar, dengan dalih nostalgia, para penumpang masa kini ‘diajak’ oleh maskapai untuk merasakan sensasi terbang di masa lalu. Yang harus diakui, hal tersebut dilakukan dalam koridor promosi guna memperlihatkan kejayaan dan nama besar maskapai di masa lalu.Baca juga: Pan Am, Maskapai Pelopor Kelas Ekonomi Modern di Penerbangan Jarak JauhPola vintage yang kini disuguhkan maskapai  umumnya dimulai dari kostum pramugari (awak kabin), ornamen dan interior kabin, sampai pilihan dalam in flight meals. Lebih dari itu, maskapai zaman now tentu agak kesulitan memberi kesan vintage, maklum ada beberapa elemen mendasar penerbangan masa lalu, khususnya di era 70-an yang tak bisa dihadirkan dalam penerbangan masa kini. Terbatasnya ruang gerak maskapai untuk melakukan inovasi lebih tentu saja atas berbagai alasan, khususnya masalah efisiensi dan efektivitas biaya. Jikapun bisa (untuk berinovasi layaknya maskapai di masa dahulu), tentu ada harga mahal yang harus dikeluarkan maskapai dan pelanggan. Hal itu pulalah yang pada akhirnya membuat sebagian orang rindu dengan penerbangan di zaman dahulu, dalam hal ini penerbangan di tahun 60-an. Dikutip KabarPenumpang,com dari, Senin, (10/2), berikut daftar 11 hal yang tak pernah bisa lagi dilihat pelanggan maskapai penerbangan saat ini.1. Tempat Tidur yang CukupPada akhir 1940-an, Boeing Stratocruiser dideskripsikan oleh perusahaan sebagai “seperti karpet ajaib.” Selain lounge wanita yang ditata apik dan kursi-kursi multifungsi yang empuk, setiap kursi di kabin utama (bukan hanya kelas bisnis) bisa disesuaikan dan diatur sedemikian rupa untuk dijadikan tempat tidur yang cukup dalam mengakomodasi kebutuhan istirahat setiap penumpang.2. PongPada awal 1980-an, Continental Airlines melengkapi beberapa McDonnell Douglas DC-10 mereka dengan apa yang mereka sebut konfigurasi “Pub”. Selain bar mewah dan meja bundar yang dikelilingi oleh kursi putar, area Pub juga mencakup permainan dua pemain Pong yang mungkin merupakan teknologi permainan canggih pada saat itu. Pong sendiri adalah permainan video generasi pertama yang dirilis sebagai permainan arcade (permainan singkat) yang dioperasikan dengan menggunakan koin yang dikembangkan oleh Atari Inc. asal AS pada tanggal 29 November, 1972.Tong bir dalam penerbangan Lufthansa (Business Traveller)3. Sampanye di UdaraPada 1970-an, Southern Airways menyebut dirinya sebagai “Rute Aristokrat” karena kebijakannya menawarkan sentuhan “Kelas Satu” untuk setiap penumpang. Maskapai mungkin membutuhkan bantal-bantal yang nyaman dan sampanye yang tersedia dalam jumlah yang banyak serta dapat diambil kapanpun dalam menemani rute multi-stopnya. Southern juga menyediakan sajian mewah di setiap rute ke negara bagian tenggara (labama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, dan lainnya).4. Sajian Daging Istimewa707 Pan Clipper Pan Am biasa menawarkan makanan berkualitas restoran yang disajikan langsung oleh koki di pesawat dalam penerbangan Trans-Atlantik mereka. Tampilannya pun juga tak semabrangan. Daging diukir sedemikian rupa hingga memuaskan mata pelanggan sebelum mereka mulai mencicipinya.5. PianoDari 1970 hingga sekitar 1974, American Airlines menampilkan lounge piano di bagian belakang pesawat 747-nya. Instrumen yang dimaksud adalah piano elektrik Wurlitzer yang perlu sering-sering diperbaiki karena pecinta musik yang terlalu antusias menumpahkan koktail mereka di atasnya. Selama di udara, pemusik harus terus bermain sampai pelanggan yang tengah mabuk benar-benar tak kuat berbuat apapun sambil ditemani lagu “Shine On Harvest Moon”.6. Pramugari dengan Hot PantsPada bagian ini, mungkin pramugari saat ini bisa menyamai penampilan pramugari di penerbangan-penerbangan masa lalu. Bahkan, dari beberapa sisi, bisa saja melewatinya, sekalipun tidak menggunakan hot pants.7. Bunga Segar di Setiap PenerbanganBoeing 707 Pan Am Pan Clipper diiklankan sebagai pesawat “bebas getaran,” sehingga mereka dapat memiliki rangkaian bunga segar di setiap meja pelanggan dan tidak khawatir apapun di atasnya tumpah ke pangkuan penumpang selama turbulensi. Pan Am terus memberikan bunga-bunga vas selama layanan makan malam di Kelas Satu hingga akhir 1970-an.8. Pramugari Gonta-ganti PakaianBagian ini mungkin salah satu hal yang sulit dilakukan bila melihat efisiensi dan efektivitas keuangan. Pasalnya, kebijakan gonta-ganti pakaian bagi pramugari cukup lumayan memakan budget maskapai, mulai dari promosi, desainer untuk merancang pakaian, hingga stok pakaian yang tak sedikit. Dalam sekali penerbangan, pramugari bisa bergonta-ganti pakaian hingga empat kali. Semua dilakukan untuk semata-mata menghibur pelanggan, khususnya setiap penerbangan jarak jauh. Konsep ini dahulu pernah dilakukan oleh Braniff International pada tahun 1965. Ketika itu, mereka merekrut perancang busana kenamaan, Emilio Pucci, untuk memuluskan idenya tersebut.Travelleisure.com9. Seni PeruBerbicara tentang Braniff International, maskapai fashion forward oriented ini juga mempekerjakan arsitek New Mexico, Alexander Girard, untuk mencerahkan tampilan armada mereka. Girard pun memasukkan skema warna monokromatik di mana setiap pesawat dicat satu warna dengan pilihan warna seperti Metallic Purple dan Lemon Yellow. Ketika perusahaan memperluas rute mereka ke Amerika Latin, karya seni otentik dari Brasil, Meksiko, dan Peru pun ditambahkan sebagai sentuhan akhir di dalam pesawat.Baca juga: “Trump Shuttle,” Maskapai Milik Donald Trump yang Hanya Berusia 18 Bulan!10. Satu Baris Kursi Satu JendelaDi masa sekarang, maskapai pada umumnya menempatkan kursi per 78 sentimeter, cukup rapat dibandingkan di masa lalu hingga 86 sentimeter. Hal tersebut membuat pada umumnya maskapai menawarkan pemandangan tidak persis di samping tempat duduk mereka. Jendela berada pada posisi setengah bahu atau tidak berada persis di samping pelanggan. Di samping itu, ukurannya juga tidak sebesar dahulu, meskipun dinilai ukuran jendelan yang lebih kecil saat ini berkaitan dengan faktor safety.11. Permasalahan Pada Sistem KomputerKomputerisasi pada zaman dahulu mungkin belum terlalu canggih seperti sekarang. Tak heran, bila pada zaman tersebut, usaha maskapai untuk memberikan sentuhan inovasi di pesawat justru berbuah pahit akibat serangkaian kesalahan sistem yang membuat pelanggan bingung.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedNostalgia dengan 5 Peta Jadul Jangkauan Maskapai, Mana Lebih Kreatif?11/07/2020In “Featured”Kata Konsultan Penerbangan: Sebagian Besar Maskapai Global Akan Bangkrut Akhir Mei!17/03/2020In “Analisa Angkutan”Ulang Tahun Ke-50, Korean Air Hadirkan Seragam Vintage Awak Kabin dari Masa ke Masa09/07/2020In “Featured”last_img read more

first_imgThe chief operating officer, who spoke to Bristol Bears TV at the competition’s fixture launch at BT Tower, says Ashton Gate will be a fantastic venue for home and away fans.Subscribe to Bristol Bears TV by clicking here.last_img

first_imgRugby League Moni Plus NCDC Port Moresby Vipers travel out of Port Moresby for the first time this season when they meet Kimbe Cutters at their first home at Humphreys Oval in Kimbe in round 10 of the 2020 Digicel Cup competition this Saturday. Also in Round 10 at the John Ambane Oval in Minj, Wamp Nga Mt Hagen Eagles take on Bintangor Goroka Lahanis while at the Kalabond field in Kokopo for the third time in this shortened season, Agmark Rabaul Gurias will host Gas Resources Central Dabaris. These two games will also be played on Saturday September 12, 2020 and kick off for the three Saturday fixtures is at 2pm. PNG National Rugby League manager Stanley Hondina said yesterday that the Vipers and Dabaris will travel from Port Moresby to Kimbe and Kokopo respectively on Friday. “Ticket prices, points of sale and the number of spectators allowed access will be announced locally in Kimbe, Kokopo and Minj,” he said. Hondina said the two Port Moresby teams – Pom Vipers and Central Dabaris – will not be in contact with supporters and families from arrival until departure in both Kimbe and Kokopo. “This protocol applies to teams travelling into/out of Port Moresby,” he said. Meanwhile on Sunday September 13, 2020 at Lae Rugby League Ground, the only game at 3pm has EPG Enga Mioks taking on PRK Mendi Muruks. The ‘Double Header’ on Sunday at the Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby will see PRK Gulf Isou play JPG Waghi Tumbe at 1.00pm followed by the top of the table clash between Lae Snax Tigers and Kroton Hela Wigmen at 3.15pm. Digicel Cup R10 Draws: Saturday September 12 Humphreys Oval, Kimbe 2pm Kimbe Cutters vs Moni Plus NCDC Pom Vipers Saturday September 12 Kalabond Field, Kokopo 2pm Agmark Rabaul Gurias vs Gas Resources Ltd Central Dabaris Saturday September 12 John Ambane Oval, Minj 2pm Wamp Nga Mt Hagen Eagles vs Bintangor Goroka Lahanis Sunday September 13 Lae Rugby League Ground 3pm EPG Enga Mioks vs PRK Mendi Muruks Sunday September 13 Sir John Guise Stadium Port Moresby 1pm PRK Gulf Isou vs JPG Waghi Tumbes 3.15pm Lae Snax Tigers vs Kroton Hela Wigmenlast_img read more

first_imgTOP PHOTO:  The fun, like at the 2018 Down & Derby Party, is put on hold until 2021.LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Community Health of East Tennessee (CHET) and the Down & Derby Party committee announced today the cancellation of the 6th Annual Down & Derby Party.  The annual event which benefits CHET was scheduled for Sept. 5 at ClaiHill Farm.“CHET’s first priority is the health and safety of our community.  With the current guidelines set forth by Governor Lee, and the anticipation of the guidelines coming after August 29, it would be virtually impossible to host our event this year,” said Olivia Lobertini, Down & Derby Party Committee Chair.Lobertini said, “While we are disappointed with this outcome, we appreciate our wonderful sponsors who have continued to support us, even during these unprecedented times.”Triple Crown Sponsors: Ed and Carol Wheeler;Diamond Sponsor: Pyro Shows, United Cumberland Bank;Platinum Sponsors: BC Bonding, Benefits Advisory Group, Billy Bale, Brenda and Tom Robards, Citizens Bank, City of LaFollette, ClaiHill Farm, Community Trust Bank, Dixie Roofing, Dump Your Junk, First Volunteer Bank, First National Bank of Oneida, Grace Rehab, Home Federal Bank, Indian River Marina, JD Anderson, Jeff and Gwen Lobertini, P. Keith Sharp – Financial Advisor, Lindsay’s Carpet & Paint, Oasis Watersports, Peoples Bank of the South, Reid Troutman/Adam Bullock, Sequoyah Marina, Terry’s Pharmacy, Tracy Lobertini;Gold Sponsors: LaFollette Utilities, Shannon Cox Construction; Stowers Machinery Corporation;Silver Sponsors: Southern Sass Boutique;Bronze Sponsors: Brian and Scott Younce, Campbell County Chamber of Commerce, Chapman Hill Winery, Mark and Sherry Hoskins, Nicole Cumorich, Tabatha Smith State Farm. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/30/2020-6AM)Share this:FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

first_imgManchester City ‘have recently begun approaches’ over potentially signing Adrien Rabiot this summer, according to Wednesday’s edition of L’Equipe. The midfielder’s contract expires at the end of June and he’s been ostracised at PSG since he made it clear he wouldn’t be signing a renewal.That’s been much to the frustration of manager Thomas Tuchel, who has made it clear on more than one occasion that he feels it would have been appropriate for Rabiot to be available for selection.Several clubs are interested in signing the Frenchman, and some of those have started making moves. There’s no transfer fee to pay, so convincing Rabiot will be down to salary and project.L’Equipe state that a move to Manchester City would be ‘almost a homecoming’ for the player, after he spent some time there in his early teens. At that stage, Rabiot didn’t see a clear enough path at City and chose to leave, a decision which has since been justified.Now the temptation of playing for such a successful club and under Pep Guardiola would be big for any player, and if the reporting of interest from Manchester City is correct then they surely have a good Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksTrending TodayForge of Empires – Free Online GameIf You Like to Play, this City-Building Game is a Must-Have. No Install.Forge of Empires – Free Online GameUndoRaid: Shadow Legends | Free DownloadEven Non-Gamers Are Obsessed With This RPG Game (It’s Worth Installing!)Raid: Shadow Legends | Free DownloadUndoDating.comFind out where single guys are hanging out in Tung ChungDating.comUndoPerfect-Dating.comAre You Ready to Meet Cool Guys in Tung Chung?Perfect-Dating.comUndoKeto减肥1個簡單的妙招一夜「融化」腹部贅肉(今晚試試)Keto减肥Undo熱門話題小心會長過頭…網友推爆:「真的長得超誇張!」熱門話題UndoSingles50Hong Kong: A 40+ Dating Site That Actually Works!Singles50UndoCoworking Space | Search AdsThe cost of shared office in Hong Kong might surprise youCoworking Space | Search AdsUndoInstant Voice Translator43 Languages Instant Voice Translator Flying Off Shelves in Hong KongInstant Voice TranslatorUndolast_img read more

first_imgPortuguese newspaper A Bola brings a story today about the interest Rafael Camacho has been attracting from European sides. With a good season at Sporting, the winger has been calling the attention of clubs from Germany and Italy, whose names are ‘a secret of the Gods’, the outlet says.And it turns out that Camacho’s former club Liverpool would also like to have a say on his future, according to the report.A Bola says the Reds keep following the player closely, and when selling him to Sporting last summer, they made it clear they would like to have involvement in his decisions.Embed from Getty ImagesIn December, Rafael Camacho’s father has spoken to A Bola and revealed that Klopp even called the player after a goal he scored against Portimonense.The Portuguese media has already claimed that Liverpool are not planning to sign him back in the immediate future, but since Klopp likes the 19-year-old, he wants to make sure his career takes the right Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksTrending TodayForge of Empires – Free Online GameIf You Like to Play, this City-Building Game is a Must Have.Forge of Empires – Free Online GameUndo聽多多 Hearmore.asia1969年前出生的香港居民現可免費試戴頂尖的歐洲助聽器聽多多 Hearmore.asiaUndoDating.comWhere do attractive singles find each other in Tung Chung?Dating.comUndoSmart Tech TrendOver 55? You Have to Try Those Revolutionary Glasses!Smart Tech TrendUndoCNN with DBS BankThe New Role Banks Are PlayingCNN with DBS BankUndoHero WarsGetting this Treasure is impossible! Prove us wrong!Hero WarsUndoInstant Voice Translator43 Languages Instant Voice Translator Flying Off Shelves in Hong KongInstant Voice TranslatorUndoLoans | Search AdsNeed a loan? Search hereLoans | Search AdsUndoGrepolis – Online Free GameGamers Around the World Have Been Waiting for this Game! Already 35 Million PlayersGrepolis – Online Free GameUndolast_img read more

first_img It has been dubbed the Project Apollo, a think tank tasked with giving Australia’s National Rugby League a smooth landing when the season resumes following a shutdown because of the coronavirus pandemic.It’s not a lunar mission, but it has already generated some out there ideas for getting the players onto the field.Some suggestions involve confining all teams and officials in a kind of bubble or capsule, like a reality TV program, in a secluded island location for a period of quarantine to avoid COVID-19 infection, and then keeping them there for several months to churn through enough rounds to make the competition viable.A day after coming to terms with the players’ union on a 71 percent pay cut for the remainder of 2020 to counter the economic fallout of the pandemic, NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg said there was “no bad ideas” when it it came to pitches to the sport’s recently formed Innovation Committee. That’s what the local media is calling Project Apollo.“The concept is as simple as trying to find innovative ways to get the game back,” Greenberg told Fox Sports on Friday. “And whether that’s putting players in secure environments, or restructuring how the competition looks and feels, we’re open to all suggestions.”The season was suspended after two rounds, played in empty stadiums. It finished on the same weekend that the Aussie rules Australian Football League shut down after just one round.The AFL and the NRL attract the biggest crowds and TV audiences in the Australian winter. Now both leagues are in hibernation, just like all other sport amid some stringent social distancing guidelines and travel bans that include border closures in some states.Both leagues are aiming for mid-year restarts, but those dates are likely to be pushed back.The 16-team NRL is centered in Sydney but has three clubs in Queensland state, which has closed its borders, one in Melbourne and one across the Tasman in New Zealand, which has closed its international borders. One proposal to possibly allow a June 1 start involves setting up conferences based in Sydney and in Queensland.“Obviously there are some things out of our control,” Greenberg said. “We don’t have a line of sight yet on what the government restrictions will look like or border controls on our teams in both Queensland and New Zealand, but what we don’t want to do is not be ready.”Rugby League Players Association chief executive Clint Newton said the playing group was open to innovative ways of getting the season restarted.“We’re willing to explore all options for players, provided first and foremost the players are going to be appropriately protected and kept safe,The NRL players have already been paid for four months, but will now go without the equivalent of five months’ pay.“This is a difficult time for our game and the wider community and the challenges we face are immense, and unprecedented,” Greenberg said in a statement announcing the restructured pay deal. “The players understand the severity of the circumstances we face and have demonstrated their willingness to work with us to secure the best possible outcome to protect the long-term future of our game.”__More AP sports: and Written By Associated Press Television News First Published: 3rd April, 2020 13:46 IST Last Updated: 3rd April, 2020 13:46 IST NRL’s ‘Project Apollo’ Aims To Provide Smooth Landing In Oz It has been dubbed the Project Apollo, a think tank tasked with giving Australia’s National Rugby League a smooth landing when the season resumes following a shutdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. SUBSCRIBE TO UScenter_img COMMENT WATCH US LIVE LIVE TV FOLLOW USlast_img read more